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Amazing game!
I really enjoyed playing this game. The controls are a bit quirky, but that makes it all that more fun.

The story behind this game is also rather interesting, and really helps set the game's ambience.

A small thing I did notice; at the start of the game it specifically says 'Zeus', but in most other places it says 'Zues'.

Also, I would like it if you could fire only one bullet (and only hit one target) when you have less than the 4 coins.

Other than that, Great Game! I loved playing this and hope to see more games in the future


Thanks for the feedback! I've been playing around with varying levels of story in my games, I'm trying to hit  a nice mark between story and gameplay, I might have pushed to far with story in this but  I'll adjust with future games.

I really like the idea of being able to shoot one bullet at a time if less then 4 coins, if I ever revisit this mechanic in the future, I may play around with that concept.

Thanks for pointing out that spelling error, I'll fix it in the post-jam version of the game!