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Interesting concept, nice graphics and music. This game has potential!

Wow, the graphics are awesome! I will definitely check out your yt channel.

Love the music. Not sure what I'm supposed to do after collecting all the money..?

Pretty cool graphics, sadly there's only one short level.

I love it. The art is beautiful.

I like the graphics. Interesting mechanic, although I couldn't find any use for it. Couldn't figure out the first puzzle lol

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In the beginning, the bullets actually changed the trees, but after that there seemed to be nothing to do. The last platform was too high to get on. The tiles and background look amazing! A simple executable would've been much better than an installer.

I love the graphics and the music! I wish there were more levels. The escape key didn't work by the way, so I had to close the game through process manager.

The first thing you notice in this game are the beautiful graphics. I love how the floor reflects the effects. The music is nice as well. I don't like how the walls appear right in front of you, I think they should be waiting in the hallway ahead. I also think there shouldn't be a cooldown for the spells, because when there's more than one socket with the same colour, it's very hard to tell how many of them you've filled.

All in all, the game was pretty good, although quite repepetitive. Keep it up!

The controls were a little awkward. I felt like I'd need 3 hands to use the arrow keys, the mouse and the number keys. After completing the first location, I thought the game froze. Took me a while to find out that you have to press Z to advance the dialog.

Apart from these, the gameplay was quite enjoyable and I would've loved to play more levels. I loved the graphics. Good job!

The gameplay is smooth and the graphics are nice. Took me a few games to learn the controls and after a few more I'm still hitting wrong buttons. Although the game doesn't have that much content, it has good replay value and takes time to master.

Really good mechanics!