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This looks really neat! The decision between getting hit to be able to shoot down more enemies is a very interesting one. But it was lagging pretty badly for me on my laptop, which made an already hard game harder. I wonder if that's because it's in the browser? Would a local Windows version help?

Crossing this with tower defense was a really fun idea!

My first couple of plays, I didn't get very far and couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. I was summoning pawns and trying to advance them across the board right away. On my third play, I figured out that I needed to keep forces concentrated closer to the center in order to better defend my tower, and I made it a lot further--until the first creepy black hand-thing showed up, I think the third type of enemy.

My biggest suggestion would be to add a free-scroll control to the game, and maybe the ability to zoom out. Having to click on units to navigate meant that it was hard to get the fully lay of the land, and I could even lose a knight far away in the edge of the board if I wasn't careful. The area of play doesn't seem too big.

Hello, all! I've decided to start sharing some of my stuff on Itch. I've always liked Itch--I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner!

Cheeseboard Deluxe was actually made for a BoardGameGeek Contest (the print-and-play contest in 2021). I didn't win, but I'm really very proud of this one! Every round, you roll a die and draw polyominos representing delicious morsels onto a set of cutting boards. Your goal is to fill up the whole board. Each time you draw, you cover up new food icons, which determine your options for which shapes to draw in the next round!

I got some lovely feedback during the BGG contest, but I would love to hear what anyone thinks of it here.

Makes sense! Shaders'll get you. UI is just hard. I *do* kind of like the golf-club cards in the posted screenshot, but I can see why, as you say, they might have had to go for space. I understand this game has to play on phones, too, and I've been playing it on a laptop.

I wouldn't say that your presentation of the challenge levels was drastically off or anything. Even something like a little floating "Optional Challenge Levels:" text hanging over them might have been enough to eliminate any confusion, at least for me.

Lots of the presentation is really good! Again, I don't know if I said this, but I love how thematic water and sand traps and bank shots are. Those are the most 'interpreting golf as puzzle mechanics' elements, and they really make the whole experience. 

Oh. It might be interesting to note that I did encounter a level now that almost stumped me: 5-4. I admit I came close to giving up! It took me forever to realize what I could do with that chip2-roll2. Required a bit of lateral thinking. But I did get there.

Such a unique atmosphere! (No pun intended) And I must say, I love a game that doesn't overstay its welcome. I'd praise more, but I shouldn't spoil the story.

One constructive criticism, if it's not too spoilery to leave here: I found a *certain subsystem* critical to cheesing the game. Once I learned how to leave it turned on all the time, I just left it turned on all the time. I'm not sure if that was the intended experience, as crashing into walls became the biggest hazard from then on. Still! Hardly ruined the experience.

Simply Delightful!

-As a small UI matter, I wasn't initially clear what the challenge levels were or that I could click on them in the World Complete screen

-It also would have been really cool if the levels rose and fell out of the mist, instead of the fade-out effect rising and falling with them

-Finally, it would have been super-neat if the cards looked like a bag of golf clubs you got to choose from

But these are all minor! It's a very thematic, unique, and never-to-frustrating puzzle game. (Well...never-too-frustrating as of World 5, at least). Perfect thing to cuddle up with while I wait to get over this stomach bug :)