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Spooky!   Rated.

If you get a chance, give ours a try: thanks!


At least you managed to get something submitted!  Well done. :)

Ours: Thanks!

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Rated.  Lovely game, nice story, fun quests etc. but I got lost in endless empty space :(  Apart from that, really nice.

Wow what a creepy game! Spooky stuff!

Our game:

Thanks Seabird Entertainment. Glad you like it :)

Thanks Rdev Games - yeah, we kind of ran out of time a bit.  Thinking we'll take the game further now, so you may well see a prettier front-end soon :D

Fun seeing all those retro games remade with the little dude trapped inside.  Rated :)

...and thanks for rating our game Cimex Mortis:

That is tricky!  I got to the SNAKE game.  Nice work.

I got 2380!  Fun game... gets tricky when you get a few wrong! :o  Thanks!

Rated. Thanks!  Nice game... I like the robot animation.  Good job!

Our game made with AppGameKit and GLSL:

...and a gameplay sneak peak: 

I hope you like it :)
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Fun game.  Good job!   If you haven't already, please rate ours:

2 weeks to get rating!  Here's our game Cimex Mortis: - written in AppGameKit Classic and GLSL. (I know... no Unity!  Shock!!!) ;)

Gameplay teaser: 

I'm going to try to test and rate as many entries as I can over the next two weeks.  Give ours and try! Thanks :)

Nice game, but I couldn't find any bad guys!  Haha. 

Check out our game:

Thanks for playing ours: ... to charge the powerful AOE you need to suck up the green blobs with right mouse button then hit "F" key.