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What's the purpose of the "Reaperdoc visits" table? I don't understand when/where/how it's used? 🤔

I love all of these, but there's something about the simplicity of Fetch that's just 👨‍🍳👌

Interesting that you see the game mentioned in your search results. I sadly don't. So you're right, the results are randomized to an extent — certainly between users, though on my end the results never change, so I'm not sure if they ever will.

As for the tagging bug, that's very helpful information. Disappointing, really, but very helpful! I guess I'm just at the mercy of Itch here, or of other platforms to help me discover things I might be able to find here.

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Thank you for that advice. I've tried searching tags, and I am aware that I can enter my own tags into the box, rather than use the ones that are suggested. Sadly though, as you seemed to be infer, there's a lot that hasn't been tagged. I'm really disappointed in here.

Take this for instance:

This product doesn't appear if you search "CY_BORG tenement" or "CY_BORG generator". It's not tagged at all, and is simply in the Games > Roleplaying > Free category. The only way I found it was from a random blog post on another site. It's great content, and the type of thing I'm looking for, but Itch leaves me no way to find anything else like it, other than trawling sites and social media other than Itch. That feels ...bad.

Is this setting just broken?
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Additional results never load for me in search, beyond the initial 60. I have tried in both Chrome and Firefox, on mobile and desktop, and all my searches cap at 60 results. Perhaps isn't meant to be a discoverability platform, but for creators with no established following, this feels like a gross waste of potential. If loading/displaying more than 60 search results is a performance issue, can we at least not get pagination?

I am trying to discover new content for a TTRPG I've been playing, CY_BORG, and this is what various search results look like:

Clearly there's some overlap between the normal search and the various tag searches, but there's content that never gets discovered unless its searched for directly, or if users search individual tags. The problem gets evern more obvious when you look at some of the CY_BORG jams, which I found linked on the official discord for the game. Theres a ton of content here which doesn't appear in any of the above links:

Surely this isn't by design, and is just a bug? Otherwise why would we have the auto-loading setting?

That's great to hear — can't wait to see the results!

These are fantastic, and will be fun as tokens on a VTT. I realize it's a big ask, and takes a lot of time, but would you considering doing the ranged weapons as well so that we have a compelte icon set? I'd happily be willing to pay for such great work :)

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What precisely is this? Is it a standalone music-based RPG based on CY_BORG?

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This is super neat. It's like a Freeform/Norwegian Style RPG crossed with The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen...