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Woot! Excited to watch it haha

Agreed! Definitely have this in mind and will soon be implementing it. Lots of work to do! woohoo! Think a bit of Risk of Rain and Dead cells. 

unable to access vendor with keyboard controls fixed

Cirrata's early demo trailer for the upcoming Kickstarter.

Cirrata is a rogue-lite, metroidvania inspired, action-platformer. You play as an anthropomorphic red panda named Kier.

Sneak peek at the upcoming early-demo. I did a 30min play through in order to find bugs.
Demo and Kickstarter coming soon!

Very cool! I died many times lol 

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm really looking forward to working on it more and adding all the awesome things I have planned! 

Some optimization issues being worked on. let me know if you have any problems with slowdown. 

Hello, I'm Aaron. I just released a small dev test demo of my game, Cirrata. Please feel free to download it and check it out. I'd love to hear feedback. It's still very early development. This demo is to help me optimize the game for a future release. Many features I plan to have in the final release are not yet there but I will continue posting updated demos as I progress through the development progress. Everything is hand drawn by myself, as well as all coding, animation, sound design, and game design. Music is done by Benji Inniger . hope you enjoy this demo! 


Cirrata website