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hey Man congratulations you game os realy cool

A good tool for gms2

age of titans stopped :(

the game lets you plant potatoes 10/10 : )

Good : )

No work

Looks cute : )

Ok this is epic

I really liked the game Congratulations on the work

the apk is broken unfortunately, I really liked the project please fix it

How you made this effects?

you can improve the game ui try to add a system to change the screen size I know this is difficult in max2d but there are tutorials that teach how to solve this problem

the game is simple fun ....

(1 edit)

try to remember to come back here to leave my Review :)

Edit: it is a good game in what it proposes fun to spend time for those who like the genre

the game has extreme potential but the Android version suffers from several bugs and poor optimization in addition to the size of graphics of the rpg maker also does not help already in the technical part I like it a lot but the game doesn’t look complete