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Seeing as how you have the game on steam (an easier way for me to pay for items) I am simply wondering if the version has full nude scenes not available on steam?

Based only on the name and thumbnail pics on I haven't even wanted to look at this demo.  I have little interest personally in man on man or man on woman romance and unless this was mis-categorized under yuri then I might suggest a some less masculine looking pics to draw eyes to your work (which looks fantastic as I download this.

May 9, 2019

Bug description:  If you don't buy the vibrator (I was 16  corruption shy of buying the egg toy when I could afford it) you will still pull out the vibrator when using the egg toy even though you don't own it.

Game version:  Current public release re-downloaded yesterday May 9, 2019

Bug description:  Multiple possibly interconnected.

  1. Started a new game while playing a game in which I had been given the shorter skirt and told to open my top in the bosses office...  Started new game went to work had on short skirt and open top, got bigger tips than wearing regular pants or long skirt.
  2. Continued to play until I was invited to the beach bar with Ash where I need a new outfit.  I had already bought a new outfit but couldn't change into it even though I had over 550 corruption.  Multiple attempts on multiple days.
  3.  Caused game to freeze by trying to open  the book in the top left corner while waiting for another event to activate (was loading slowly and I wanted to see how much corruption I was up to).

(if complex)Way to replicate it:  Pretty sure the way to replicate this is in the descriptions.