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Amazing, what's possible in 48h. Great art. Well done.

First try... did not died. It's not speaking for me, right? :-) Nice game. Very nice art.

Nice game idea. Easy to learn, hard to master. :+1:

That was stressful... I'm a software developer myself, but I've never found programming to be that stressful. However, I also have 2 children. :-) Nice game, by the way.

Nice visuals. The jumping is a little bit slow. But hey... well done in a short time!

This is a really nice puzzle game. I liked the mechanics. Well done!

This was fun... Really nice idea. Good work! :+1:

Ich mag den Grafik-Stil. Sehr nice.

It's a happy game with simple but nice graphics. It makes fun to play. Would be a little bit nicer with sound. :-)

Well done!!!

Yes, I have a lot of perspective changes and camera panning in the game. :-)

And by the way: Thanks ! :-)

The characters from Synty Studio are fully rigged. So, it's very easy to apply human animations to them. Furthermore, I'm using the asset "Adventure Creator". So, even if I'm a software developer, I do not need to code anything. It's great for me, because I save a lot of time and can concentrate on the story.

No, I did not animate the characters. I used some animation from the Unity Adventure Game demo and you can easily get animations from Adobe Mixamo!!! They provide a lot of free animations.

This game is so cool (and not even easy to play). It makes so much fun and reminds me on earlier days, when I was sitting hours playing LCD games.

Thanks for sharing.