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So, I Might Be The 1st Person Existing To Know This With The Ball & Ayumi. When You See The Ball You Can Put It Over Her Mouth & It Makes A "Pop" Sound! You May Be Wondering: Wait...Is That A Gumball? This Makes Sense Now, It Can't Do Certain Things Like A Ball Can, & A Cup CANNOT Break A Ball, Unless It Has The Weight Of A Basketball Or bowling Ball, That'll Break The Cup For Sure!  But A Gumball Can Break If You Use CERTAIN Cups. Ayumi Has A PLASTIC Cup Which Can Chip Off The Color AKA The Extra Code Of Flavor. So You See? This Makes So Much Sense Now! Be Careful & Be Brave! 

Love, Ci'Nya~

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What Systems Does It Work On?

 I'm On Chromebook & I Really Want To Play This, Especially Because It's The Berleezy Edition & He Played It Himself On His Channel! (iBerleezy)

 It Looks So Fun Idek What To Do & Youtube Is Blocked For My Whole School. Pictures And Anything Would Help But I Don't Understand 

"You gotta replace the FNF assets folder with the downloaded folder"

 What Does It Mean?

Wait, Is One Bullet Supposed To Be Blue? Cause In The Video Below Shows A Blue Ammo, It's Not Working For Me. (And Your Instructions Made Sense

Oh lord, I Crashed It? 



Not Be Be Rude Okay, But Why Is Level 2 So Hard? How Do You Even Get Different Ammo?I Am So Confused But This Is A Good Game Though, Congratulations @Materwelons

Thank You So Much For The Support! I Hope It Goes Into The Full Release In The Future! <3


If You Wanna Update This Game Into Like A Long Game Then I Have So Much Idea's JUST For A Dialogue! 1st Off: The 3rd Dialogue Should Be When Almond (Supervisor btw) Ask's You To Cut Your Finger Off, Press E Then Just Wait 10s Then She Will Speak On Her Own Why You're Taking So Long, Next She Will Say "Fine, I'll Do It" It Will Give You Options What To Say In The Middle Of Your Screen, Options: No! I Can Do It Myself" Or "Not If You Can Catch It!" So Now Almond Will Move From Where She Is And Starting Chasing Your Hand With The Knife If You Press Option 2, Little Do You Know That You Could DODGE The Knife. It Can Only Cut Your Index Finger So Don't Worry If It Touches You Anywhere Near To Your Finger. If You Picked Option 1 It Gives You Options Because You're Wondering If She Is Serious. Options: "Almond, I Know I'm New But I'm Not Dumb, Stop Playing With Me" Or "Almond I Know You Are Not Serious You're Making Me Nervous!" Option 1: She Starts Sassing You, Option 2: She Tells You how They're Pink, If You Picked Option 2 It Gives You Options, AGAIN! Option 1: You Quit And She Begs You To Stay (You Have To Cut Your Finger Off Or Refuse If Yes) Or Option 2: Quit Right On The Spot!

@ribyrnes I hope you like this dialogue idea especially just for 1 dialogue, it's crazy! I'm gonna be a writer when i grow up, Teehee! Bai !

Hai @Materwelons! I Hope You Know I Am A Huge Fan Of FTWA! I Always Play It Now And Then Trying To Experience New Things! I Have A Request: So I Think That In The Starting You Have To Fill Out A Form To Find Out What Level Of Scary 5+ Can Play On. It Will Ask For Your Name, Birthday, What Year Was You Born, So If You're:

5-7 Your Level Is Easy: Less Jumpscares, (1) Less Endings (3) & Less Inappropriate Words (Blurred) 

10-13 You're On Normal: (How It Is Already) 2-3 Jumpscares (4 If You Don't Find Ayumi) Blurred Out Inappropriate Words 

(Says Ing On The End) 5 Endings: Good, Alt, Escape, I Don't Like Pla4ing Your Way & True Ending! 

15-17 Hard: 5 Jumpscares 6 Endings (6th Is Hard So Put A Hint In The Game) And No Blurs.

19+ Hell: 8 Jumpscares, 10 Endings (5 Of Them Is Secret & Or Hard 2 Get) Once Again, No Blurs!

@Materwelons I Hope You Like My Idea And Please Reply, Bai & Have A Grayumi Day! (See What I Did There? Great + Ayumi? Okay I'll Stop, It Makes No Sense Lol)

I watched this on yt and finally found this game! only to find out it cost money, watch LaurenZSide's Video: And Search: LaurenZSide The Child It's the only reason why i wanna play it because it's fun!

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I hope you got your ending you wanted! it did it to me too so i just restarted my system (chromebook) by just pressing shut down.

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You When You HAve 1B And All The Girls: 


You Scrolling Through The Comments About Complaints About Saving  & Replied To One Of Them: 

Oh Please! I Don't Believe The Game Wouldn't Save! I Mean This Is A Game People Worked So Hard On Ofc The Developer Made The Game Save, Right? 

Your Dumbass Refreshing The Page For Evidence That It Doesn't Save: (You Also Forgot In The Start It Tells You It Doesn't Save)

 You Find Out It Doesn't Save: 

NO! MY HARD WORK! WHERE IS IT? NO NO NO NO! MOM, MANAGER, NOW! SPEED DIAL! You cry and scream in your pillow for years :')

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You got yourself into hide n' seek, creepiest part 2 me, btw if you find her it's alt ending so goodluck!

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This Is Really Pretty, I Like The Different Colored Eyes! This Is The Most Beautiful Art I've Ever Seen So Far For Fan Art! You Go Girl! I Wish I Can Make Something WONDERFUL As This Masterpiece.

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@Materwelons I Am Such A Huge Fan Of FTWA, (Fun Times With Ayumi) I Am Always Gonna Play This On My Free Time, Thanks To The Comments I Just Got The Escape Ending! 

Q: How Much Endings Are There And What Are They? Hopefully You Can Answer But Anyways I Love Certain Horror Game Levels, This Is The PERFECT Amount Of Scary That I Need! I Have Fears Of Ayumi At Night But It's Okay.

 @Materwelons The Pixleated Ayumi, It's So Adorable! If I Wanted To Make A Game You Inspired Me, You're The Reason Why I Signed Up For! Tysm For Making Life Better For Me. 

(I Am Only 10 Btw) Lysm (Love You So Much) @Materwelons, <3

You have to spam the door to get the escape ending btw, like really fast no auto clicker or any cheats like that.

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My Most Famous And Or Popular Art Masterpiece Is:    So Yeah This Is My Famous And Or Popular Art Masterpiece, I Hope You Like It! And Don't Throw Lies And Hate If You Have Nothing Nice To Say And Reply Showing Your Famous And Or Popular Art! <3