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Gosh, this is so addictive.

Didn't quite understand what to do at first, but you gave a lot of time to get to grips with the controls before putting obsticals, which is good.
Didn't know i could shift until after i did the tutorial.

Definitely get some sort of Recording software. if you have Nvidia card, use shadowplay, and get some gameplay footage up somewhere, because this game needs to be played

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This is utterly amazing. 

The best part is that my first GMTK game jam game was titled "Cost"

Alright, I'll post mine and see what you do if you get around to it

If you are interested, the game has now been updated with a smaller and single file

Yeah, I am currently trying to convince them of it. If you ever make a game yourself, I highly suggest not to use paragon Assets if you're planning on sharing the vertical slice

Did you download both files and use something which can repackage split zips like 7 zip?