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Hey! For anyone that plays this game and has any issues or really likes anything about it, just let me know here.
If it's an issue I'll fix it or try to improve what caused it and if you liked something I'll try to enforce that element even more.

This game is a passion project for me which means I'm open to changes, adjustments, and just anything that people gravitate towards.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Played it with a friend of mine tonight. It was fun and pretty well complete. Will be keeping up with it from time to time.

sorry about that, it's pretty poorly optimized. I am working on a demo that works a lot more smoothly. So feel free to follow if you want to see it updated! : )

Hey, thanks for playing! This demo is far more focused on the player facing mechanics. There's a lot of open systems that need to be tied up such as the combat, and keeping the AI from wondering wherever they want to steal food from haha. The town should be a lot more fleshed out once the game is more stable.

stay tuned.

It definitely was an inspiration for this proof of concept section. The original inspiration was a conversation I had with a fellow designer about a SpongeBob episode where they paint a room haha.


Just launched earlier today a demo of a game I'm working on, Canvas. The idea is that you paint your environment and change your perspective to reveal certain things in the world and interact with it. Eventually I'd like this to be a casual, creative platform with easy to use modding tools so you can make new puzzles, levels and then share them.

This is just a proof of concept and I'll be developing it further in my free time over the next year or so. Please try it and give feedback :D

Check out the page here.

Thanks for reading,