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Very beatiful game <3

It is really good for a 2 day jam, especially for a team of beginnerd. Well done!

Sure I did. It restarted the game without saying anything.

Very cool idea, just like NES games you need to die a couple of times until you figure out how to beat the game. Also saw Will you snail ref. not sure I missed any other.

Very nice gfx and sfx. I wish it had an ending ( even if it was a static image) PS: You can kill all enemies vertically easily.

(1 edit)

Really nice look and feel. I was back in 90's. I wish game had some sfx. (on windows10 it works fine)

I believe it would be very hard to design levels for a game like this but two levels(after completing 2 levels game shut down) included were on point. You can polish it up and add few levels and release it.

Very original. One comment on design, you can iterate on design to make it easily understandable.

Felt like I was playing a casual NES game. Very nice retro gfx & sfx. Very well done! Theme was missing. 

Very nice game. Had to figure out controls by myself since I didn't read a single line here :D Up/Down arrow or + - signs could be supported (I tried both then tried X & Z). Really nice graphics, music and gameplay experience. Well done!

Same as Koveras's error.

Neat idea.  One recommendation; it would be much easier to use flash light + lightsaber with mouse.

Nice little game. I don't know why there is a dog in main menu and game over screen but I like it! Also, cool music. I got one question, is there a reason why the game is so small?

Can't rate because my potato computer lagged & I couldn't figure out what to do.

Nice overall idea but juggling keys becomes boring after a while. Well done.

Helo, tried to rate your game but exe didn't open. Error ss is attached.