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Thank you! <3

Thank you! I've reported this account!

Aah thanks, fixed it! And I'm glad you like the game!

1.0.6 should fix the memory issues.

And does the crash happen right at the start?

Have you downloaded version 1.0.5?

1.0.5 should do the trick

New version, new luck. Is it still there in 1.0.4?

I've uploaded a new build. Is the problem still there?

Thank you for this info, I'll look into it and hope that I can resolve the issue with AMD cards. For now, if you wish, you can contact the support to get a refund.

Hey, you didn't waste my time, I'm glad that it's working now. And I will look into this possible bug nonetheless.

Thank you for playing my games! :)

Is the film-effect still moving and flickering at this point, or does it freeze up totally?

I try to fix it in the next update I'm about to release soon.

I'd like to submit my paid game The Space Between.

Thank you for your kind words! <3

Feels good

Thank you and I wish you a good experience :)

There should be an option now to buy it with credit card.

chachky, I sent you an email.

Danke für dein Feedback!

Zum Thema Schnelligkeit und Zuortbarkeit der Untertitel habe ich weiter unten schon etwas zu einem Kommentar geschrieben, beides war gewollt und Teil des Konzepts.

Thank you for playing it and for your feedback!
Yes gameplay in the sense of obstacle overcoming, challenges or competition were reduced to a minimum as they did nothing to support the experience. The game of imaginary play on the other hand was very important.
Yes, I would also call it an experience. Actually I would call it a game, since my definition of games is a bit broader, but I know that this is debatable.

No, of course you're not mean, everyone has certain preferences, opinions and ideas of how things should work. And for me it was crucial to have this drawn-out, slowed down, static moments, where you are thrown back to yourself. That's why Clara also has no idle animation, although I animated it. And trying to figure out, not knowing and deciding for yourself, who exactly is talking, was also part of the concept. In the game's case, user experience is part of the artistic vision and was not designed to maximize user productivity or activity, in the hopes that the user doesn't get bored. With this project, I am not interested in entertainment as an end in itself. Again, that's not for everyone, but than again, 45 minutes of attention time, even for this decelerated kind of experience, is what I expect from the audience.

Normally it should not go into window mode, may I ask what is your desktop resolution?

Thank you for playing the game! Yes it was a conscious decision to dictate the reading pace and to not let the player skip dialogues or cutscenes, I wanted it to be that slow and I wanted to selectively give and take interactivity. This did not change in v1.0.6, I know this is not for everyone. But thank you for pointing out, that the launcher automatically downloads v1.0.0! I'll try to change that.

Dear Chainsaw Princess,
thank you for visiting Anna, she told me you both had a great time. I shall send you heartfelt greetings from her.

windows only