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Well, turned out there wasn't that much in-game text, and I found my way again in the editor despite not touching it for 3 years.

What I mean to say is: you can now download the English version of the game!

The current version is not available in English, but I've been considering doing a translation so keep an eye out for any updates!
I had the "nes-rom" tag but I added "NES" too, thanks for the suggestion and your interest in my little game!

A game for all the cool kids out there yo!

So... My head is spinning because I am tired of whistling, but I'll be able to say that I've finished Transhumance!

The art, environment and effects sure are lovely and original, but sadly I can't say you created a very user-friendly experience. I know you are still in alpha and microphone-related features are a hard thing to deal with, but here are a couple of things I thought about while experiencing the game :

-It would be really helpful, on the title screen, if there was something explaining that each note is related to a specific pitch. Because of their shape, I first thought there were patterns!

-Maybe the most important one: I would be very helpful if there actually was a way to hear what is the pitch of each note. I think I also have a bad microphone, but most of the time I was just making random notes to hopefully find the ones I was looking for, and I wasn't very precise so doing it again was a hard task.

-I guess the whistle is an important feature of the game (and it indeed feels like I am giving orders to my cattle with it, even if it took 2 minutes per instruction), so making it optional to allow the player performing the notes in a way or another with the controller may not be a feature you want to consider. But I am thinking about all the players that don't know how to whistle (they actually exist) that can't really play your game because of it... Though it is good to see that you thought about the less musicians of us by highlighting the notes the mic detects!

-I am complaining about all the whistling stuff, but that is because I struggled as hard as I could to keep my cattle following me (although the creatures' animation tend to be glitchy when I gather them, like only making hops instead of walking like they used to). However, it seems that nothing asked me to do so, there's no reward for it. I feel like I could have walked all the way without them and it would have just saved me some breath... Either it lacks some direct feedbacks or I missed something at a time or another. And, while I am at it, I also don't see the point in stopping them.

-Finally, back at the title screen, wouldn't it be better if you allowed the player to skip the "whistle all the notes" phase that is already quite painful to begin with?

Sorry if I am a bit harsh on this one. That's because, even after all this and looking back at it, I think I actually enjoyed the experience. But it would be too bad if I was the only one because nobody wants to make a sufficient effort. This is obviously a niche game, with its very slow pace, so don't restrain to much of the few players you could have!

Best of luck for the next steps of development!

PS: And if you're angry of what I said because I totally missed the point of your game and/or is making easy criticism, you can take your revenge by playing Oneiros -I'm from the Team Fireplace :P-, I know it is also very far from perfect!

Hey! I've done it again, now I've able to finish it and it was worth it (even if you creeped the hell out of me with that monster)! You did improve it a lot since last time, right? Great job, once again. I'd like to say "too short!" but I can't stand scary games so I was actually glad reaching the end of it ^^'.

Here are some other problems I went through:

-In the blue room, sound volume started to decrease more and more until I couldn't hear anything. I don't know what's the cause, but I believe it's because I tried to trigger a neon I already had activated earlier.

-The monster disappeared after it killed me multiple times, is it normal?

-The first time I unlocked the final door, the camera got stuck on the avatar's head, like if I was on first person. I could then move again by using the keyboard but couldn't do anything by clicking (what seemed to be normal, from what I understood from my second playthrough), but the left and right keys were swapped.

And that's it, I guess! As I said earlier, I enjoyed the experience, even if I usually don't like this kind of game (for the creepy aspect I mean, 4th-wall-breaking's always fun when nicely done as you did :)), but I feel like there is a little lack of feedbacks (for example, with the last problem I pointed out). It seems that you already started to correct it though.

Anyway, I hope to hear about you again :)!

Hello pals!

I'm from Fireplace (the team that made Oneiros). I've just finished your game, it was an surprisingly heart-warming experience! I really liked the scenery and the music. Sadly I did not have my headphones and my mic isn't that good, so I ended up playing with the directional stick, but I really enjoyed the game!

"Hello" guys :)!

I'm from Fireplace, the team behind Oneiros. I've just given a shot to your game, I really dig the idea! Unfortunately, the controls tend to stop working in many occasions and I have to reboot the game everytime it happens. From what I've seen, it seems to be when I try to make the character push a button if he is too far from it. Well, if I pay attention to it I can manage to continue, but I am stuck at the first appearance of the monster (when it kills the character off camera), because at respawn the controls stop working again :(.

While I am at it, I've been a bit disappointed that the character doesn't react when it sees its own corpse. Great voice acting though :)!

Let me know when it will be corrected (or if it is just something I didn't understand ^^'), I'm really looking forward to playing what is still to come!

Hello guys! I'm from Fireplace, the team behind Oneiros!

I just finished you game... Wow, to think you were only two on this one is amazing! The feeling is really cool (sadly the music may be a bit repetitive). I'd really like to see a full game from it, maybe mixing more the gameplay elements you've set.

Nice polishing by the way, I only noted that, if I use the key on the "machine" when the circle is already turning, this circle will start moving again of a quarter of a circle from its actual position (and the impatient player can end up stucked).

Hey guys ! I'm from Fireplace (the team that made Oneiros). That's a great experience you created here, congrats!

/!\ Possible spoiler alert /!\

Just to let you know, after answering "yes" to the final question, the subtitles turn to French (while they were in English since the beginning)!

/!\ End of spoilers /!\

Anyway, very good job here!