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Hey! I've done it again, now I've able to finish it and it was worth it (even if you creeped the hell out of me with that monster)! You did improve it a lot since last time, right? Great job, once again. I'd like to say "too short!" but I can't stand scary games so I was actually glad reaching the end of it ^^'.

Here are some other problems I went through:

-In the blue room, sound volume started to decrease more and more until I couldn't hear anything. I don't know what's the cause, but I believe it's because I tried to trigger a neon I already had activated earlier.

-The monster disappeared after it killed me multiple times, is it normal?

-The first time I unlocked the final door, the camera got stuck on the avatar's head, like if I was on first person. I could then move again by using the keyboard but couldn't do anything by clicking (what seemed to be normal, from what I understood from my second playthrough), but the left and right keys were swapped.

And that's it, I guess! As I said earlier, I enjoyed the experience, even if I usually don't like this kind of game (for the creepy aspect I mean, 4th-wall-breaking's always fun when nicely done as you did :)), but I feel like there is a little lack of feedbacks (for example, with the last problem I pointed out). It seems that you already started to correct it though.

Anyway, I hope to hear about you again :)!

Hey ChronoDream :)

Thanks for playing the game again :D We did have a lot of work done since last time ;) still some bugs to fix though, and the camera issue you got is definitely one of them. We weren't aware of the audio problem you're mentionning so we will look into that!

This version of the game has the monster disappear after it kills you four times (it was presented to our school jury and so we needed them to be able to finish the game in a limited amount of time) We'll definitely release a version where it doesn't disappear soon :)

Thanks again for your feedback!