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Thank you all so much for your interest, our team is now formed and we're not currently looking for more.

Thank you again!


Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Christmas is coming and the ~~geese~~ casual game budgets are getting fat!

Talented Game Workers needed to help save Christmas!

Every year over a billion dollars is spent on casual mobile games during the Christmas Season!

Every year you talented individuals toil away on your Magnum Opuses watching the Christmas billions bolster the legion of those cynical cash grabs which litter our marketplaces!

Join us! Put your great works aside for the next month-and-a-half and let's build a Christmas Miracle Clicker which will save Christmas and deliver the pittance we need to continue the noble, tireless effort our respective great works require.

You will be an equal partner! You will have an equal voice in the development, together we will make something of which you will be proud!

We need:

- a **marketeer** - to spread the good cheer!

- an **artist** - to beautify our creation!

- a **writer** - Christmassy micro-stories and flavor text!

- an **audio/music** person - Nothing says Christmas like an obnoxiously simple tune stuck in your head for days, but we also need some warm Christmassy sound design!

- **You**! - Do you have skills which can help us realize our Christmas Miracle in this short time frame? Then we need you!!

**Who am I** you ask? I'm a Unity Developer/Jack ~~Skellington~~ of all trades. My strongest skills are Gameplay Design and Programming, however this will be a collaborative effort and all of everyone’s skills will be leveraged, so if any team member is a better fit for these roles I will focus on other project requirements.

Hark! I beseech you! Put aside your worthy projects for a brief handful of weeks. Together we can bring our players Mirth, Cheer, and a warm fuzzy feeling, while building for ourselves a new source of that all important resource - coin.

 **This is very much an equal opportunity. If you don't celebrate Christmas you're still very welcome**

DM here or discord: wimachtendink#4011

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That's disappointing

Could you tell me what happens when you try to play it?

Thanks :)

I'm really tempted to work more on it.

Lol, yeah, I did what I could with the time. 

I could easily spend a few more days on it, and with a few weeks it could actually be a pretty good little game I think.

I really liked this, it crashed right after i tried to fire an arrow at the cesar guy and the new arrow appeared. It would make more sense to me (on the vive) if you grabbed an held items by squeezing the grip buttons rather than holding the trigger.