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A great idea, well communicated! Thank you!

A lovely adventure. But a knight can hardly ever rest, so I must be away!

This is such a delightful concept and a great game! Thank you very much for making it!

Wonderful, delightful, charming!

Thank you for this lovely game!

Excellent collection!

Lovely! I liked climbing the tree.

Great! I got completely lost, then tried to backtrack... very impressive!

Oh thank you! 

I did try a different take on "small things in your life make something happen" in Chariot - must try harder!

Good to see this online! I'll definitely play it through properly soon - is it any different to the original submission? Keep in touch!

A lovely little adventure! Nice job!

Such a lovely looking game - a cross between turn-based and insects, so right up my street! I'll definitely be trying this later!

Thank you!  This was my first ever Bitsy creation - I really liked making it!

Your games are amazing too - I'll have to leave a couple of comments to show some appreciation!

Thank you! I find a good revenge narrative can improve most chess situations.

I wonder if there is a chess nuzlocke? 

And would that even be possible?

Thank you! I just keep adding little bits - little Bitsies...? - with a hope to build an actual experience!

Haha, I'm glad you like it!

A fantastic little game!  It feels as though you have answered a wish I hadn't voiced!  All very enjoyable - what did you use to make it?

Thank you! It's also a cheeky way to make multipath cut-scenes easier to make...!