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All options are available to all characters to allow you the maximum flexibility in designing your character. For each body part, there are options intended to be masculine- or feminine-presenting.

Walking is in. There's always more animations that could be added.

I do want to add additional export options. I don't have a 3d printer so I won't be able to test that final step of exporting this. I'll look into stl/obj files though.

I definitely want to get additional animations added. Thanks for the comment!

When I joined a D&D group this year I wanted a way to make a digital representation of my character. There was nothing at the time that had the functionality I wanted, so I built this to make it easy to represent you character to your group.

Create a visual representation of your character! Customize the equipment, gear, and colors. Select an environment for the character to inhabit, customize the lighting. Select animations and share a gif.

Check it out and make your character today! It's great to use with virtual tabletops.

Maneuver the falling paint blocks to the right positions to match 3 or more blocks of the same color to score. Blast blocks out of suckers to combine paint blocks creating Power Blocks and new color combinations. Power Blocks have different abilities depending on their color. Create all 7 colors of Power Block and learn how they can help you master the paint lab.

Start sucking, blasting, and mixing paint blocks to create matches today!