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Hmm, I took your comment below a bit too literally. I went to record a video for my solo gaming stream and realised very quickly that "pretty much any number of people" wasn't one ;)

Did a very quick live play through… Was fun, was hoping to find some real stash though, but I was eternally unsure if "tablet" was an iPad or a stone one, so who know what that stash would have been. Got some coins and made some skeletons dance though, so all good :)

I swear I had mentioned this, but I did a video play through of the game, very good, loved it!

The Solo Adventurer - Exploring power with Grievance

I know this game is not that new, but still i did a play though of it last week people might enjoy/endure.

Hey all, I'll be doing a liveplay of the game Friday 17th at 15:00 UTC+2 if anyone wants to jump in and watch along :)

Hey Galazor! I did a slightly bumbling run through on my YouTube channel, and got a bit lost in places (maybe I made a mistake), but hopefully you enjoy it!

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Hey Travis! I did a short run-through of the game for me "Solo Adventurer" stream, hope you enjoy it!

Lovely, thanks :)

Oh hello, everyone… I made a little YouTube video of a play through of the game if you are intrigued.



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I have a new solo gaming live-stream, and have part 1 of Ex Novo for my latest episode. I spotted a teeny tiny typo in the manual 😆. I am a tech writer by day, so always happy to help people edit manuals if you need a hand. Part 2 next week…

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