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Thanks. At the moment the game is really little more than a framework with only some minimal things filled in (so no, there probably isn't much more depth to it yet!). However, I'm very satisfied with the way that the framework has shaped up, so I'm going to be carrying on and turning it into something more play-worthy. I have some ideas...

Yes, I know. It's all still in a very unfinished state. Early days yet.

Slot 2 always looks to be highlighted. I expected the highlight to change to slot 1 when I pressed 1, but it didn't, which I found confusing.

I'll take a look at SquareWorld. Big Minecraft fan.

Oooh! Minecraft in 2D! (And why not?). I haven't got very far yet, but this is a cute little game and seems to have a surprising amount implemented in it. There are a few little flaws (the highlight on the 'tools' bar seems to be on the wrong item), but otherwise it hangs together. I'll be back for more later.

This is pretty, and has a nice atmosphere, but I couldn't find anything to actually do (I found the stag, though!). I don't know whether that's because I just missed things, or because there isn't anything here yet.

I guess I should have anticipated that a Blackjack game would require money from me before I could play. It would have been nice if there could at least have been a free demo of part of the game.

Neat little 'flappy bird' style game. The 'I'm Evil' level lived up to its name and finally put a stop to me. :)