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Pretty nice game, although l think you need to explain what do sprinkles do, do l place them close to water?! That was my only issue

Apart from that, cool pixelart and music as always)! Gameplay feels satisfying for what does it offer, l hope updates will come though!

Greetings, pal

l really agree with your opinion about been flood filled with horror games, l also don't like that. It ruins all the other beautiful games that are hidden on this site.

About that first game, this question isn't that easy to elaborate because it's everyone personal opinion, but that first game wouldn't even be an game, it would be Tomb Raider :) They say start with baby steps and in reality l agree with that. Anything on the internet, even this "platform" might become dangerous for younger existences as they don't know how to protect themselves and might result into the exact opposite you wanted to happen. So imo the best way to handle the situation is by NOT allowing the children to reach the internet by themselves. (Kinda got out of the theme but l think l do make some point).

Cute little game! Nice work! Hope you get a decent ranking on the jam, good luck :D

Really nice game, how do l actually die though? So far l don't see any big difficulty apart from a chance of losing all of your moves...

Fix jumping, l can get points by just pressing space on game over and maybe you should make it so when you truly avoid the spikes you gain points, not by just jumping

Amazing idea making an amazing game :)

Even if you do it, l think you are not allowed to re-publish the project, even if it is modified, because Mystman12 has purchased a system called Re-wired.

xD thanks

Good luck with the level editor and l hope that this game will become more popular

Good luck with the game jam

l really wished this game had more levels, it's a very creative idea!!!

l can't tell that easily, l might either split it to small bug fixes or a huge update. Not happening now though.

l know but l thought that forcing the cat to go 180 degrees back was much easier than using the actual purpose of the green ball.

If anyone is stuck on levels 8 and 9 here's how to do it:

Level 8:

Level 9:

Woah dude, l thought you would never appear again after city clickers. Really cool game! Hope you the best :)

Have you tried making progress in it?

It's fine man you don't have to worry, l feel the same about my break time :/ 

In 2,5 weeks l start school again. At least l won't get bored (probably) but it still be a big pain.

Don't worry, be happy!

Hi Noli... uhm heh sorry for bothering again, l and others would like to ask you a last question...

A lot of people have been saying that you will be gone for 2 months and other for 1 or 2 years.

Do you know what to confirm? It's fine if you are unsure of what to say.

Regardless of my question, l'm really happy to hear of you feeling relaxed and ready for more action.

l agree Andrew might have a chance on work on his game even though l don't think this will help hm due to school starting in September...

l hope your break will make you beat those fears you had...

Past things, forgotten things they say! :D

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Why does this looks like something familiar which already existed on GameBanana? (it was unfinished tho)Anyways cool project and l hope you the best... 

l know this is the wrong place to type this but...

Noli, l hope you are having a good break. 

How have you been so far?

Feel relaxed?

Andrew86Games will not see us for some years because his parents learnt about discord so he won't active unfortunately... He has also taken a break from YouTube.

l really hope l can contact you somewhat, EVEN from Stay safe.

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(Also if you use Unity 2018, l know your feelings about bugs on these versions OOF)

Not really. He asked me instead, but the way he wrote it makes it look like l forced him lol.

l don't any reason to do that but it's ok l guess. (l will change it in the future, it's just a placeholder)

l won't so please, stop.

Thank you...

Thank you

Sorry for the late reply, but thank you :D

alt + enter

Nah man, many bugs yet to be fixed sadly... Also l plan something more for this game rather than just one school floor.

Thanks tho.

Oh sorry, l forgot to mention you HAVE to change the options first before you play. Else the game bugs out.

So unfitting here, but whatever, done.

funny fact: he got inspired by an accident with gimp xd

l'll be 23 too.

Fasguy should be proud! Great job!

the first bug was introduced since the beginning of the game, he probably forgot to fix it

It's been 2 years, happy to see an update :)

Hey thanks for playing the fangame! Don't worry, wasd keys will be added (l seriously forgot them xD) and also many other improvements and stuff!

make exclusion folder for your anti-virus