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Was able to figure out the whole thing in about an hour. Good times, just never say "tucc the ducc" again.

How about The Yule Cat, the giant feline that eats children who didn't get new clothes for Christmas?

If I were to give one criticism to this game, it's that the chanting mechanic is a little unforgiving to my stupid hands.

Definitely more than just a boy version of the original...

There's no better ending to a date than dooming the human race.

I have learned a valuable lesson from this: I would suck at burglary.

Good game, I just wish I didn't have to kill the fish to set all the cats free.

Pardon my language, but what the fuck is up with the enemy spawn rates in this game? It feels like a dozen enemies spawn per second in areas that I just fought my way through.

It's especially bad with those guys who can shoot lasers at me from across the map. I go to clear out a cluster of those, and just then like four or five more spawn on a platform I just dropped down from.

Am I doing something wrong, because all I can do when things get this crazy is run.