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chris dude

A member registered Mar 16, 2020

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you're welcome, be well!

this is a very cute game!
i liked how mr horse interacted with his friends and neighbours.
the art style was very good, and i loved the surrealism in it.

will you make a new version of this game thats longer, or with more food choices/endings?

also it would be funny if some foods changed mr horse, as in making him taller, fatter, shorter, etc etc
very good game, keep it up!

regardless if this is a demo or not, it seems like a very nice and charming game to play...

nonetheless, a few bonus items (wallpapers/art/unique in-game items etc) would've been a cool treat for people who would get the bundle.

however i really like that this demo seems more like a semi-full game, with 2 large chapters being free to play. thats very good.

keep up the good work!

i just discovered this game from a friend mentioning it, and i really like how beautiful and charming are all the characters in it...

it seems like a good combination of a visual novel and of an adventure game (point n click/choices)

i like what i see in here, so keep up the good work, and stay cool!

cool, be well!

i really like what you did there, so i would love to see more WG related games by you...
keep up the good work!

i've fixed the zip issue that i had and i've just played this game...
the ghost girl looks super cute and i love how she interacts with the player in the dialogue, while i also like how she grows each time you feed her with wood...

absolutely great game, with beautiful visuals and with interesting combo mechanics, i cant wait to see the next update of this game or the full game too, it will be splendid!
keep up the good work!

i agree, this is a great game!

thats great to hear, i will be very happy to see how your game will evolve over time, i really like how you work in it!
thanks for the helpful reply, and be well!

well, those are certainly interesting news!

OK, so as the game will now be not-WG based but action based, will it focus more on quests, mystery, as a platformer, or???
where will it shift towards to?

secondly, do you have any links/invites to your old discord (that is a more  weight-related hub), and to your new discord as well?

keep working on this game, its very good and i like what i see in your game in  general.

everyone wants to support a game developer, but noone wants to pay more than the game's already established price...
(unless its for charity, in which case, i agree!)

this is an absolutely fantastic game...

very interactive, with beautiful PS1 aesthetics and with a truly nice, gradual horror (atmospheric horror, my favorite kind!).

i saw a video about this game by alphabeta gaming, and i really liked playing this creepy game!

please make more games like this, full of creepy, yet atmospheric fear....

(i hate jumpscares, i prefer a ''slow burn'' fear in an atmospheric setting for a better effect)

anyways, excellent job, keep it up!

this game is great, and it will be wonderful to see its new updates in the upcoming release (which i hope will happen soon)

keep up the good work!

all those new updates look great!
I cant wait to play the next updated version of the game...

also the change in the cat knight's wall-climping ability was much needed, thanks.

keep up the good work!

this is a great game!
good pixelwork,nicely designed characters (both the dragoness and the little gourmage), and the controls of the game were simple and nicely balanced...

i like cute, challenging games like that, and you have created  a very enjoyable and beautiful game in general.

keep up the good work, and plz make more games like this!

hello, i tried to open the winrar file (zip), but it sadly told me that the file is either ''missing or broken''.

can you upload a new zip/ link please?

judging by those screenshots tho, the game looks great.

i would love to play it

wow, this looks so good!
i particularly like the weight gain/loss mechanics for the players-knight in the game, along with the addition of the ''pig queen'' in the game, which will be a great thing to see in this very enjoyable game!

(plus, if all 3 queens steal food from the pig queens castle, we should be able to see how the pig queen enjoys her own food reserves, right?)

anyway, great news, and im sure that the game will be even cooler soon.
keep up the good work!

this is a great game! is there a ''free mode'' with infinite lives, or a cheat mode so that we can feed the girls to their full size?

i love the beautifully drawn characters and it has great platformer coding, its a really good game.
keep it up!