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chris dude

A member registered Mar 16, 2020

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that was a very funny game!

i loved the tired voice of the machine engineer, the ordeal of trying to fix all those washing machines on time, and the lovely style and personality of his boss, who didnt just gave him two fresh batteries, but he also promised him two pints of beer at the pub, and a nice stake dinner!

fantastic game, very funny, and with a surprisingly pleasant story, many challenges and many good, funny moments!

you should do more games like this, i like the surrealism and the good action in here...

keep it up!

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this was a fantastic game!

i enjoyed playing as a taxidermy weaser, trying to talk with various art exhibits, other weasels and with frogs, all the while solving fast typing challenges...

i did all the fast typing challenges perfectly on my first run, and the final one (where you talk to that guy) was definitely the most challenging one, but i defeated him, and i got to the end...

i got rating E.

fantastic game, i would love to see a fully formed game like this, but as a surreal adventure game, (a mystery adventure game), and not just a typing challenge game...

keep up the good work!

wow, what a great mini game!

good coffee in 3 sizes, eating chips and enjoying a totally safe, non-haunted gas station...

splendid experience!

keep up the good work!

this was a fantastic game!

excellent game concept (hiring short lived flies as your PI detectives, and you being their boss, trying to solve many cases and to earn enough winnings to stay afloat, but also to save your agency's damaged reputation...

i really like it! the game has cool noir aesthetics, likeable characters, and some very interesting game mechanics!

perfect work, please make more games like this, and keep up the good work!

a beautiful and action packed game, full of nice 2D/3D graphics and a nice runner theme going on.

i liked the black and white grey style of the game, it brings you back to those old classic noir movies of the 1930's-1940's, which is always a good thing, ya know?

good game, good aesthetics, nice music and good voice acting, you should do more stuff like this, keep it up!

a beautiful and exciting adevnture game, with good visuals, nicely drawn characters and with proper RPG action!

i like that the defeated food monsters give you  stat buffs when you cook them, thats a very clever detail!

i really like this game, and i would love to see more of this/more like this.

keep it up!

a fantastic tower defence game!

good graphics, solid action, interesting designs of each tower/defensive mechanism, and good battles in each wave!

(while the enemies are as unique and as diverse as your own towers...)

the only criticism that i will make is that the towers range should be visible BEFORE you buy it, and not just afterwards...

all in all, this is a very good game, and im grateful for the easy difficulty option, as it made the game more enjoyable and relaxed for me.

keep up the good work!

this is a fantastic game!

i like its cool, PS1-style 3D graphics and the cute girls that you can pick for the skate tournament...

i also like that the physics of the game work well, and despite my difficulty to get some of the letters by jumping in the right angle, its still very fun to do all those skate tricks and to see if i can get each girl bigger and bigger with the sponsorship food/drinks...

i would love to see more characters added in this game, or extra choices to make them larger, but other than that, its a fantastic game, which is very enjoyable and well-done.

keep up the good work!

this seems like a very fun game!

it would be great if the dragoness would grow bigger with the higher lbs numbers, tho.

its good to hear about your progress and the status of your designs/plans about the game...

either way, stay safe and keep it up!

this is a great game!
it has a nice spooky atmosphere, good elements of atmospheric horror in it, and a hint of romance.
it had tension, adventure and the mall looked like old abandoned websites from the late 90's early 00's, so i can say that i loved it!

all in all, a perfect atmospheric game, and the ending was absolutely perfect.
 plz make more cool games like this, you are awesome!

really good and unique game about the nature of news, and how they can shape or report events as they happen.

i like the beautiful art of the animal characters too, as well as the clever typing mechanic and the multiple endings.

a very good game, keep up the good work!

i would love to play your epic game...
and i hope that you are well, my friend.

stay cool, and lets see how things go in this new year...


i've played this game since its early demo days and i always liked how beautiful and nice it is, with beautifully drawn characters and with some good game mechanics too.

it will be great to see this game in steam as well, and i will be happy to play the full game soon, keep up the good work!

good, just stay safe and be well!

i really like this idea.

you should add it in the game, if its possible

congrats on the 101 followers milestone!

here's to many more!

also, i like this new character, she looks cute, with nice hair and a good body, while her colours look good too.

i will stick around, dont worry.

if you make a demo in the future, let me know! (i can test it and stuff)

thats very true, game-making is very hard to do, and it requires many skills: coding, design, proper testing, etc etc...

keep it up, and i will be happy to see what you have next...

wow, im sorry to hear that!

get well soon, and take good care of yourself.


either way, ii wish you the best of luck in your projects, as i like your ideas and your potential for making good games...

the one on the right seems better, both in lighting effects and in visuals...

im sorry to hear that, about the job interviews.

but dont worry, you will make it, my friend!
just stay strong and focus on getting a quick job/a cheap accomodation for yourself...

as for the problems with the new technology of the game, i think that you've aimed too high for the new project...

you should try for a more simple approach to the game.
think simple.

in yare 3, instead of making complicated things, just do things like yare 2, but with a twist:

add more 3D characters to fatten up.

a centaur girl, a spider girl, a few monster girls, a werewolf girl, a minotaur girl, an orc girl, a fox girl, etc etc

just use 1 room/environment for each girl like in the character select options of yare 2, keep things simple, and you will be able to make a successful game.
do that, and you will manage to do a very good game.

complicated plans often lead to more difficulties, so if you will keep the game simple, it will be good.

this sounds very interesting, let us know about your news and about your new technology too, once you get things stable...

be well!

thats very good!

get a job, secure yourself, stay stable and only when you are finally OK, only then do your game project...

the important thing for you is to get better, and to secure youself.

once you do that, everyone else will be easier.

be well

thats good to hear, i hope that things will get more stable for you now, my friend...

you're welcome, and take good care of yourself

its not irrelevant for me.

try to stay strong, to stay safe and to find your path in the world...

first deal with your job/house issue, and then with all the rest...

be well, my good person.

you're welcome, my friend!
stay safe

that was a cool update, tbh

im sorry to hear that...
the important thing is for you to be safe and in good health, so take care of yourself and once things get better, let us know your future plans...

be well, mate!

no problem, i have faith in you and i like what you do in there...

well, it looks great so far!
nice details on the servers of that room...

also dont stress yourself too much: take breaks, relax and take things easy (when it comes to the game)

im sure that this game will be awesome once its demo/form is ready, so keep up the good work!

thanks, let me know if you need any more ideas/suggestions, im always happy to talk about such things

it seems very interesting!
keep up the good work!

interesting concept!

well, the company could be named meadowbranch and the tower would be called the opulence tower.

the statue's inscription could be saying: ''be strong and hungry like a lion''.

you're welcome, be well!

this is a very cute game!
i liked how mr horse interacted with his friends and neighbours.
the art style was very good, and i loved the surrealism in it.

will you make a new version of this game thats longer, or with more food choices/endings?

also it would be funny if some foods changed mr horse, as in making him taller, fatter, shorter, etc etc
very good game, keep it up!

regardless if this is a demo or not, it seems like a very nice and charming game to play...

nonetheless, a few bonus items (wallpapers/art/unique in-game items etc) would've been a cool treat for people who would get the bundle.

however i really like that this demo seems more like a semi-full game, with 2 large chapters being free to play. thats very good.

keep up the good work!