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That's great! Also yeah sometimes you gotta experiment and see what sticks take your time, the game is awesome so far and the future you all are planning is amazing.

Finally got around to checking out the 1.1.0 update and I'm loving it so far! The interaction marker has been adjusted making it easier to turn on lights and now there are new ways of destroying the ghost depending on the type.

For the new journal I personally preferred the check mark selection for evidence instead of the notes page, however, I can see this may be an attempt to differentiate from similar ghost games - if the notes are here to stay it may be good to know that when pressing C while typing this will trigger the journal to close. As well I noticed the Description section for both lighter and ritual circle are both the same explaining the lighter can burn bound objects. These things are not game breaking though just some bugs I found while playing.

I can also see spots reserved for crafting and monsters, which gets me excited to see where this game goes!

The creators have done a great job at keeping anxiety to a high while playing. The beginning of the game is a build up to the danger with small noises here and there while over time lights are going out, all doors are locked and shadows are moving. All this with the knowledge that you are alone and trapped deep in space. While the game did fantastic at scaring me there is a ton of reading (granted if you do not care much for the lore of the game you can skip the reading, however, I feel knowing the history of the ship adds to the fear). Maybe to combat the reading we could of had audio tapes or Preethi explain these things throughout the game.

Aside from the reading I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to freak themselves out. Finding out the history of the ship is gruesome and also knowing that the threat isn't an alien in my opinion makes it even creepier.

This is a great game! I'm impressed with the amount of work put into it, creepy voices in the wind, traps, ghost enemies and an adventure story. I didn't find any game breaking bugs while playing however the audio might need some work. I noticed sometimes audio of a ghost whispering would abruptly stop halfway through, the water trickling in the sewer level had a hard cut at the end of it's loop and it was dead silent for the ending I got (11). This nit pick is small and I'm completely fine with what's presented seeing as though there is TWELVE endings to the game, you did good!

Really liked the concept of the game; a stranger has broken into your home at night and you need to escape to safety.

I think my main point that is missing in the game is stealth mechanics. For a game that is souly based on you not getting caught by a killer the protagonist seems pretty determined to die that night when they decide to automatically open every door you're next to or can't crouch for the advantage of hiding behind objects. I think the addition of a crouch button can help a lot considering the small tight map you're in with no real way of hiding.

However, I still enjoyed the hunt for keys while hearing heavy boots behind me, the fact that your character can't run unless they've been seen actually may be a great rule that adds to the scary tension.

Really great game so far! There was a lot more content then I originally thought with having multiple levels and different enemy types as well as a bit of searching to progress. The bugs I noticed were pretty minor; The player would get stuck on top of objects (lamp, bed, door) and unable to jump off, items would despawn in the sewer level and the frag grenade..... don't pick it up. Game play with the character was great, satisfying kills with every head shot, numerous selection of guns to use. I was wondering if you would consider having the lighter equip to the left hand giving the right hand an option for a pistol or knife allowing the player to still walk through the pitch black staircases and hallways with a weapon still attached? Something that could help if this makes killing the enemies to easy is to increase the amount of health the basic enemies have with body and limb shots. 

The music was such a banger as well man it would be great to have something in the background or just some ambient noises as well to fill in the empty background. 

Good luck on the updates and I hope this game gets you somewhere! There is definitely a lot of time that has been put into this project!

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Loved this game. The premise fits so well into the business sim game where you have to cook and fit clothes with time based actions while also disposing of dead bodies and cleaning the evidence. I didn't notice any game breaking bugs however I could suggest including the feature where the characters have their current action you choose but also remember a future action if you choose something else straight afterwards, in an example of clicking the dead body for the husband to lift but before his animation has complete you can click the chute to tell the husband 'throw him down here after picking him up'. As well as a preference, in the upgrade menu, instead of holding an option a simple click may do better but that's personal preference. The game is great and I laughed every time the body smacked on the ground in the background like it's normal.

This is a really fun game that keeps you on edge the whole time. Goofy mini games with a real horror just out of view. However, there are a lot of game breaking bugs I noticed while playing. The main one being that the monster doesn't have a sense of reset after you die and so it'll be at a constant lurk mode while you're trying to complete a level if you had not restarted the whole game before trying again. The smaller ones aren't too much of a big deal just something to fine tune i think, such as the gallery instantly putting you into the game with the monster (but I think it was meant more for the player to get to know the mini games without the monster) and the arrow keys stop responding after a few taps.This is a game jam submission so there's definitely going to be bugs but if you are thinking of continuing this project after the jam these might be the first things to fix. The hand drawn sketch feel is perfect and the mini games are pretty easy to figure out after a few tries.

This guy has to be the chillest dude in father history.

Really great concept for a game! There were a few bugs I noticed while playing such as the Ouija board not responding anymore or already giving an answer before I say anything. There was one time while playing where I couldn't look back at the Ouija board which broke it until I restarted. Other than these bugs I really enjoyed the game being a spin on 'Guess Who' trying to ask questions to find the the murderer. If you are thinking of updating the game or adding new features it would be nice to have the keywords be picked up in sentences if that's possible and just a thought but an added feature to the game could be having documents describing different murders or information on each suspect that you can match with the answers. Really enjoyed the game how it is at the moment, however, good work!

A great problem for a game. I did notice you need to add an end and victory screen at the end, however, Racing against the clock and stressing over if I had grabbed everything that may be out of reach in a few seconds had me on edge.

Terrified me.

I had a lot of fun playing this, I can see a huge amount of time was put into making the game! If there was one thing to look out for it would be that the character could easily fall off the platforms but other than that amazing graphics and huge tension. Found myself bobbing to the music sometimes too, Good job

Loved the game kept me on my toes the whole time! Did good on this one!

Great game! Love the eerie feeling in the end when you realize what you've done...

Gave me a few chills. Running felt a bit slow and the music became very noticeable on repeat. However, I'm excited to see where we go after the demo.

Had a lot of fun playing this game, laughed a lot and love the twist!

Amazing job on getting the guy who worked on the original Amnesia and Soma  soundtrack to work on this one! A great love letter to Amnesia, happy to see what happens in chapter 2.

The inspiration from 60's horror TV shows is perfect for these types of games. I did notice an issue in the second episode where I couldn't continue past the first text screen but a simple restart fixed the issue anyway. They both have a nice creepy feel to the environments and kept me interested in the stories.

Hey man, really good intro to a potential game, keen to see what happens next.

Glad to hear ! I'll be keeping an eye on this one, super keen for the update!

Hey man, this is such a good game. The jumpscares and ghost appearances were perfect and the small features like slamming doors and having the ghost show behind players was great. A few things we noticed while playing, that may need some work, would be how attempting to interact with light switches was a bit difficult when the curser couldn't find the switch and how the ghost would be able to kill the player instantly without warning (however I believe this may be intentional as I read later we could bash the ghost over the head with a pipe...) As well as having something to do after being killed which would provide some entertainment while the other player tries not to have a heart attack. Really can't wait to see how this project develops seeing as you are planning on including other creatures. This has great potential keep it up!

One of my biggest fears. Good jumpscares, had me wondering what was to happen next.

Brings back that childhood fear of deciding whether you really need that drink or not.

Short game but definitely a fear as a kid.

Great step up from the last game! Nice sanity feature and map design keep it up.

Fake Impostor walls got me every time!

had me looking behind me every step

Keen for the full release!

Nice quick game, seeing as though it's not finished I felt like there was a lot imagined for it. Interested to see the rest if you plan on continuing the work for this game.

Hey I tried out the game which definitely has a creepy atmosphere, however there is a lot of bugs included. Reading the description I believe this was a project from school so I understand why it may not be finished and is in the state that it is. However, I had a lot of fun with the bugs anyway and finished the demo as well! If you are still working on the game I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Great Game, I did have a few bugs playing after this video such as voices playing over each other or not playing at all but seeing subtitles. There was also another bug where I could not enter the cave as it was blocked by rocks. Other than these bugs I had an amazing time playing it! Had me looking outside all the time for the monster during the start. The replay factor is great as well, I restarted a few times trying different things and finding new parts to the story or events that I didn't notice before.

Pretty short game but nice idea. Had a good jump scare near the middle!

Can see the inspiration from Blair Witch in this game which is great! 

Loved the game! The PS1 look adds to the creepiness of the abandoned bunker.

Great game with an amazing cyber feel!

Short game but had good atmosphere. Those keys though were hidden so well I was stuck for a good while!

Great atmosphere in the game. The radio and lights far in the shed were a bit loud and I was a little confused as to whether I had finished the game or not. Small things but in the end a good scare!