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Thank you for the great comment and excellent suggestion. I will try to implement this for the next version shouldn't be too difficult. 

This was really fun. I have no idea what the can did to me or why I was dropping it, but I had a lot of fun got on the leaderboard twice 4th place woo! This was a very entertaining experience.

This was so fun. I was one of the people that remembers these old arcade cabinets. All the kids of the neighborhood would gather and buy tokens to play mortal kombat/street fighter Contra etc. Thanks for the nostalgic memories! I found the submarine game really fun with nice mechanics to reveal the other submarines. Absolutely so far the best title screen/thumbnail I've seen so far in the jam(someone knows their photoshop :P). Good luck awesome game!

This was really fun I got to floor 2 only though. The first boss was fun and I like the randomized levels. I did find myself wishing for more ways to attack though. 

This was really good. Loved the old top down car games. And the concept where the as you advance more things stack up against you and you decide what will be the next pain is great ! Also fantastic thumbnail :D

Really fun game I found it got really difficult really fast, but I'm also a noob :D . The music choices were a highlight!

Well, here is a hint the boss takes 20 hits. But you don't actually have to kill if you get the score needed by killing the other enemies around you still advance to the next level :) This is true for all boss levels. The idea was to give the player the possibility to chose how to advance.

Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it. Fullscreen doesn't work since the games webGL is meant for a jam. I haven't completely optimized it.

Yes I wouldn't mind joining I see I qualify for all the requirements except webGL which I can make by the time of the jam. Also don't worry about the first boss I'll nerf him ;) seems like people are struggling with him.

Thank you very much :) And yes you get new ships with power ups after bosses. Thank you again for the art and have a great day!

Hello, just wanted to say thank you for the assets. I recently released a game here that uses some of them they are perfect for a space game as well!

Max Rocket by choZ3N (

Hello, I used your sprites as the base asset pack in my game and I can honestly say it's an amazing resource wholeheartedly recommend to anyone doing a pixel style space game!

Max Rocket by choZ3N (