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Haha, thanks for making this! I had fun :D The fear when robotic chickens come flying toward you is awesome!

It looks like it would be a promising, interesting game when fleshed out! :) Understandably, the tight timeline of the jam didn't allow it to be completed. But good work getting it done!

Nice work! That was really quite fun :) Wish there was sound, though! Works in Safari too!

Haha, quite a bit of fun! :) The music/sfx doesn't work on Safari, however. I switched to Chrome. It would have been good to have a bit more visual indication when a toast is about to be fired. Currently, the animation sort of loops. Nice job!

Heh, quite a bit of fun, though personally, was not a big fan of the lengthy tutorial with the skewed/slanted text/images. But I think i managed to get a quick understanding of the game! It's pretty challenging! But great job with the visuals, design, ideas, and execution!

Ah! This was really fun after I figured out that C opens chest/picks up weapons. Maybe use 'E' next time? Anyhow, great fun! :)

Cute, the rabid version of the bunny was funny!

excellent! I need to come back and replay it to completion. The visuals are great - and nice to see the chicken behaviors too. I'll update my comment once I complete it

Hey, fun game! Could I ask, why do the digits not correspond to t Pi? It would be really cool if the numbers did correspond to it like 3.141.... But great idea!

Nice work ,looks great and well polished!

Really fun, nice work!

Thanks for organizing. I had fun!

Wow, thanks for reaching out. I filled it out :) Thanks for organizing, I enjoyed it!

Hey, Mike! Just playing around with this. Looks great!

Any reason why it's space to jump and up to activate levers, and not the other way around? It feels like it would be more intuitive to leave the UP arrow for jumping - but that may just be me. I kept pressing up when I meant to jump several times.

Wow! This was much better than I expected. Really interesting -- loved the puzzles and the reactions.

What got me at the beginning was I didn't realize I had to move left. I thought I had to move right!

I really enjoyed it!