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Hello Dro Hoshi,

I'm one of the mods for the Pixel horror jam 2. I'm writting a commentI just have a quick question about your game. I'm just wondering is this a horror game, I'm just wondering since there no labels that says this a horror.  Like in the tags horror isn't one of the tags. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you have a nice day. 

Hello, the game has been translated in Spanish. 
I just didn't add it to the itch.io page, since the person who translated it made a mega download. 
Here the link to the Spanish version:
Thank you for your interested on making one. also I'm glad tou like the game ^o^/.

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The game was create with rpg maker vx ace, sadly vx ace doesn't support Mac if I'm right.
Plus I don't own a Mac personally, so it would be hard for me to test it. 
But I'll try to make Mac versions of my future games, if I could. 

I took a look at the bug, hopefully I fixed it.
If the bug is still there please let me know.
Thank you for pointing this out :3

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Hello Reisuke 5th,
I'm glad that you enjoyed my game, fan work is allowed for the game. Thank you for asking, but it would't be disrespectful if you didn't ask. But I'm glad that you asked. I hope you have a nice day.   ヾ(^∇^)

I played though some of the game but I got stuck on a puzzle. But it's not the game fault, I just suck a puzzles in general. But what I seen so far in the game is very impressive. The game visuals, design and story are very cool. I'm enjoying the game a lot so far . Also keep up the great work ^w^.

Sorry for this late reply, the game was made in RPG Maker MV.

This game is super cute!!!

I rather not make a mac version, because I don't have a Mac myself. Hopefully I could make one in the future, when I'm able to own a Mac myself. I hope you can understand.


I really like your theory!! (I'm going to change James role in the remake). James is actually Chloe boyfriend, but she took advantage of him. Making him do things and if he didn't, and if he try to denied it she would tell he that he does not "love her". I say it like that because Chloe use love to take advantage. Similar to the sin of Lust (but instead of a lust that deals with sexual things more about using people love to befit from your own desires). The reason why James listen to her was because he didn't really have any strong relationships with his parents since they neglected him. Since their neglecting of him, he believed Chloe and was happy that someone cared about him. But when she start to do the "if you don't do this, that means you don't love me" he would just do what she ask. Since he never understood what love was. I'm sorry if this whole thing sounds very complicated, I will fix all the plot holes in the remake. But I'm was really happy to hear your theory ^w^!!

Hi, I send you a email ( my email address is Mykawaii4you@gmail.com). I hope we could work together.

Created a new topic Help Wanted! Composer Needed!
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I thought I would be able to work on the @pixelhorrorjam by myself but I need a little help on my game.

I need a composer for the game, I thought long and hard. About should I ask for someone to help me with the music for the game or should I just get royalty-free music. ( if I'm not able to get a composer I'll just use free music for the game ) But I thought it would be a good idea to look for a composer because the game would have a original soundtrack for this game.

Type of music I'm looking for:

I looking for music that uses piano, violins, and music box ( there could be others use, but this are the main instruments I'm looking for)

Music in the game would have be both creepy and cute. During some parts of the game.

The creepy parts would have music that's kinda similar to the composers Arai tasuku and yamato kasai / mili. Music would help build the atmosphere during the creepy parts of the game.

The cute parts would have music similar or like Animal Crossing sound track, ujico snail's house songs, and similar to the composer Sakuzyo. The music would have a cuteish vibe from it.

You could contact me on Tumblr if you are interested or reply on this topic. Please have a sample of work you work on.

My Tumblr: Choko-flan

Edit: I found one so please don't look at this or message me.

Thank you for reading

and good luck to everyone else in the Pixel Horror Jam

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Desolate Village

Desolate Village will be a puzzle, mystery, adventure horror game made using rpg maker MV. The game is about a young man that find himself in a village that is inhabited by animal villagers. He does not remember how he got to the village. All villager seem to be kind and friendly but they all know all about the main character, even though he has never met them. The villager might be hiding a secret.

Update: I rename the game. So that it would not cause confusion, with my game and the game Animal village that's is in this game jam.

I'll mostly be posting on my http://choko-flan.tumblr.com/.