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the fact that people can't easily figure out the riddle/Easter egg/story, is honestly the mark of a well written story in my eyes: it's not obvious if you just blast through the game. Just food for thought on future projects; maybe folks will figure this stuff out sooner or later than expected, but always keep it clever. 

I continue to watch these indie horror games because of the potential narratives and themes that can come from it, as well as the mechanics and clever use of assets that some folks manage to get right. I feel this is a potential diamond in the rough developer, so imma keep an eye out for future projects from them. 

P.s. yes I know I haven't bought a physical copy of the game(s), I don't really play many games myself tbh, but just my two cents that his stuff is worth looking into. 

P.p.s. the name/phrase Nemesis game is not the easiest google/YouTube search... You would be surprised just how many things have named their property nemesis lol...