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huh, okay. I appreciate the response :) 

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there seems to be a small mistake in the cheat-sheet guide for using this extension. I understand YAL is busy with the current real world issues and this isn't a major issue report moreso just a heads up

the documentation for steam_net_packet_send(steam_id, buffer, size, type) seems to be incorrect. it says to use it like this

steam_net_packet_send(steam_id, b, buffer_tell(b), steam_net_packet_type_reliable);

I believe it should be buffer_get_size(b) instead of buffer_tell(b), based on it's description. 
this did cause an issue for me until I fixed it, so hopefully this helps

I'm glad you enjoyed my game for the most part!

I'm sorry to hear about the lag issues. I'll admit, I didn't really bother optimizing the game for web, so the storm and earth cards cause a lot of lag. I'll see if there's anything I can do, but my suggestion is try the executable download for a much less laggy experience 

I could definitely add a [remove card] gateway to the three options, that sounds like a great idea 

Game was mechanically hard to figure out, with no tutorials or explanations. once I did figure it out, the game was pretty decent, but the enemies are way too strong for the first floor of the dungeon 

Yeah, choosing the different gates allows for different additions [attack cards, passive cards, boon cards]. I thought the tutorial would be clear enough on which gate adds what , but I'll add an extra line for each in the tutorial, and maybe some flashing lights to really drive the point home 

passive cards being a bother was the first bit of feedback I got, and I'm already working on a fix. I definitely took for granted my ability to identify cards at a glance.

in hindsight, using multiple cards at once *does* only make only one card play, because the cards can be used at any time or rate while their abilities are only activated at the end of the card use animation. frankly I'm surprised I overlooked that, fixing it is now on my todo list 

Game is pretty neat! the controls felt nice enough after getting used to them, although not having a control display in game was a little annoying.

I agree with you saying there needs to be an indicator to show what rooms have runes, because after 10-15 minutes of trying i didn't find one, or I didn't recognize what i found as a rune. 

the combat felt nice enough, although there could stand to some more indicators of why I can't do certain things at certain times 

I can't seem to die, nor could I figure out how to get stone, so I ended up hitting a wall pretty quickly. maybe I'm missing something?
other than the level generation what makes the game a roguelike or roguelite?

I did like the map generation and overall atmosphere. I also did find some enjoyment in the concept.

Game was uploaded in 2017. not a part of 7drl 2022

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I don't get where the roguelike aspect is??

other than that, there doesn't seem to be much of a purpose. eat enough viruses, but there's no clear indicator for how many I have left to eat, or how long until I die. maybe I didn't play long enough?

I have uploaded a fixed version, but both the 7DRL build and the patched version are available for download and play. I have clearly notated which is which

I already finish my 7 day dev period, from the 5th to the 11th, but there is a game crashing bug I overlooked. can I post a fix before the grading period is over, or do I have to wait? 

ohhhhh. thank you so much for the help, this extension is a life saver

I'm not sure if I'm crazy or just missing something, but I can't seem to actually open up/view the actual example.  downloading the example file and importing it into gamemaker (using latest version, gms2.3) just imports the extension and included file without any objects/rooms/scripts. is this intended or am I missing something?

i uploaded the wrong version so the first 4 waves and the upgrade you're supposed to get are skipped.