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Whaddup. This is my first commercial release on, though the games been out on Steam since earlier this year. 

It's a surreal collectathon platformer where you explore an open-ended and interconnected dream world, with a focus on advanced first-person platforming using abilities you find throughout the world. You can casually explore the world in assist mode (or with some of the more overpowered abilities you can find), or hone in on tougher challenges to master the movement mechanics.

The average playthrough is about 8-12 hours, with upwards of 20 hours if you want to uncover all the games secrets and clear the bonus content.

Take a gander here

they approached me in DMs on discord several days ago and i declined the offer. i have no interest in their games or their launcher

thanks for the video! its very helpful to see how players respond and learn the mechanics. another commenter brought up how tricky the wall kick section is too, so a nerf for that part is coming in the next patch. 

also, out of curiosity, did you beat the level in the end? i've seen 2 gameplay videos so far and neither made it past the first island

ty for the feedback. i put out a new patch that includes the double jump change you suggested, as well as increased air control and other changes that hopefully make the movement smoother :)