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In case you play the full game later, you should investigate the pantry to make progress. You can obtain an item there, which you'll know what to do with. And you can always mail us if you get lost while playing the game in the future.

The saves from the demo aren't going to work in the full version so you'd better play the full version if you liked the game. Thanks for playing!

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This is hilarious. I'm just halfway through the video and already laughing my ass off. lol Thank you so much for posting this video. Watching players enjoy our game in their way is the greatest gift for developers - especially when the player is so funny and imaginative. Please play the full version when it's released. We'd be thrilled to watch you play it!! :D

Thanks for the comment! You should see how the story goes from the demo! Please come back when we release the full version. :D

Glad you thought it was creepy! We worked hard on the sound and lighting to make a good horror atmosphere. Thanks for playing and leaving a comment!

Thanks for playing our game! Reviews like this really encourage us developers to work. We're doing our best to improve the game. Come again later when we release the full version! :)

We'll try to make it available! Thanks for the support! :D

Thanks for playing! Pam is on the 2nd floor. There are stairs in the living room. :)

Interesting. I almost found it scary.

cute! loved it

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Loved the game! I love every part of it.

I happened to discover a bug - I've taken a screenshot.

Since there aren't any saves, I started all over after completing a few mountains yesterday.  But in the middle of the dialogue where I choose to stay or to leave, the game froze and I can't make any choices. Esc works and I can see the setting and all but nothing happens even if I click or move the mouse between the two choices. I guess I should start all over again or just wait for the full version to come out. :(

*I saw the patch just now... Damn I should've downloaded the fixed version. Darn it..............

Is there any way I can play this game alone? good for you haha

I liked the game! The puzzles were quite difficult to solve though. I couldn't get through some of them without the help of the walkthrough. :)

Love the game. I'm now on level 15 and it's really confusing.

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The art is fine, ducklings are cute, and I also like the idea of throwing away trash. The tutorial is a little long though. I got bored when the old man made me go past the floating buoys. I'd rather do more rounds of clearing the park with the ducklings. Nice game!

I like your game! It's quite relaxing to wander around the island and take pictures of anything that MIGHT end up solving one of the riddles. Is there any walkthrough or guide for the pictures I could submit? I'm having problems with some of the riddles.

Loved it. Just so satisfying to see everything burn.

I'm sorry for the bug. There wasn't any bug report on Colin so I'm trying to figure out what has caused the bug. Does the bug occur repeatedly? Was it before or after you had the first meal?

I loved the game! The riddles were interesting and challenging, but not that hard to solve.

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We were just about to get worn out making cut scenes for the endings and your feedback really lifted us. It's a big relief that you found the story interesting and worth being curious about. There are more jumpscares added and we'll be sure to let the players lower their guard in between. :)

As for the portraits, the graphic designer is working on them. There won't be too many changes made but the image will look more neat and organized. All three of the bugs you've mentioned will be fixed and there will also be dialogues added to reveal the characters and the story. If you have anything more to say about the demo, please feel free to tell us. And of course, you'll be added to the Special Thanks section. :)

Thank you so much for the comment! You've pointed out a lot of specific aspects of the game. We really appreciate such thoughtful feedback. It'll be a big encouragement and motivation for the team to create a better game! The demo is about a quarter of the whole game and there will be much more interesting, difficult, and rather scary puzzles added which are also pleasing to the eye. We will look forward to you playing it when the full game is released. Please come back in September! :)

Thanks for the review! Every bit of it helped us to make a better game. Your name will be added to the Special Thanks section. 

We're having difficulty with the brightness since the game seems to look fine on the developer's monitor but far too dark in others'. We'll work on that. :)

Thanks a lot! We're working on the full game. Hope it'll be out in September as planned!

Colin doesn't let you leave the door open. She says she'll tell Alexis once you do.

Got chills! I wish I could tell you how close you've got. But if I did, it would be a huge spoiler.  Thanks for playing our game! :]

Thanks for the comment! We'll let you know when the full version comes out. :)

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Thanks a lot for your feedback! We really appreciate it.

Glad that you liked the atmosphere of the game. As for the jumpscare, we didn't expect it to be that spooky. I guess it's because we saw it a million times. It's a relief that other jump moments weren't that bad! :)

The dialogue has changed a lot. We didn't want the game to be too wordy but on point. I'm so happy that it worked for you!

We've played The Witch's House and we loved it. Never tended to be similar to it, but it feels like a compliment that our game reminded you of it.

Thanks again for the feedback. You'll be added to the Special Thanks section! :D

Nice game! Great art and interesting characters.

I'm very much curious about the story and what happened to Mollie. Also really want to know what happens to the eagle since he's kind of a jerk. lol

Though the game has a lot of strengths including excellent art and an intriguing story, the translation was a little off. I'm no expert in English either, but it felt like the texts were keeping me from really getting into the story. I suggest you mend them for further improvement.

And if you're looking for bugs, Sebastian responds in Korean in his room after I give him a wrong answer.

It almost startled me at first to see some similarities between your game and mine. If you're interested, click here to visit our page!

House of Rules

I'm excited to see another team who love mystery and puzzle.
Keep up the good work! I'll be rooting for you! :D

We're only planning to make a PC version of the game this year!

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Thanks! Creepy is the exact word we're looking for. :)
I saw some bugs in your video and I've fixed them on the latest version.
We also made some changes not to confuse players - add arrows, pause before choosing options, make auto-save and skip for the starting scene, etc.
 Your play helped us realize the need for them, so thanks again for playing!
Please try another time later so that you can see the later part of the story in the demo.

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Sorry I saw this just now! So Ruth is gone to the front garden to fix the fountain. Now you can get the screwdriver from the tool box without getting caught by Ruth.

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I enjoyed soooooooo much! Fell in love with every single characters! Plz keep up with whatever you are doing. Wish you luck with all my heart!!!

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I'm now playing this game with my sister and I just stopped by to say that we love it. We like the world, puzzles, characters, art, and everything else in this game. I can see that you've spent much time on the art - drawing all the maps, characters, pictures. It is very pleasing to the eye, which I think makes the players(including us) feel respected and excited. Also the dialogues are pretty good too. They're not too long and are on point, but reveals unique characteristics of the people. It has always been hard for me to stand unpleasant, endless dialogues, but I'm very much enjoying yours. I hope you continue to make more games!