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alright, i uploaded a new version of the game that should hopefully have all that sorted out now. let me know if there’s any other game-breaking issues like that!

and yeah, i’ve heard of easyrpg before! it does sound pretty cool, so i should really check it out sometime.

oh, whoops, looks like i forgot to replace some RTP assets. i’ll get that fixed soon.

i don’t want to go into too much detail here, but wow, i’m stunned by how relatable this entire game was for me lmao. it’s adorable and loving and made me feel seen in a way i never thought i would be. thank you for making it.

I’m doing my part!

this is the yuri we need in these trying times

absolutely delightful! really reminded me of some of my favorite but less-influential metroidvanias, like metroid 2. and on top of that, i was very impressed by the atmosphere, especially the stuff with the harmonica… great job everyone


thank you!

thank you for playing!!

deals with some difficult themes in an amazingly graceful and thoughtful way; and of course, i love its presentation that mixes the real with the imaginary. honestly, it’s the kind of game i aspire to being able to make

this is the game for me, a fan of rena higurashiwhentheycry

Ohh, right, I had to name the html "index" and put it inside a zip. But it works now! Yay!

Oh, this is nice. Pretty simple, but it doesn't really need much else!

I particularly liked the protagonist's design, and also how the horniest elemenent, the grab, works to "fuel" your other, stronger attacks.

It looks like there's only the one room so far? I'd be really interested in seeing the game developed further though, the idea of having dedicated commands for eating, swallowing, spitting, and digesting things is really interesting!

Hmm... it looks like the itch desktop app doesn't handle games that are just html files well? You might have to just download the game firectly from the site.