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I like the concept. However the control sensitivity is way too low, I could barely click anything. I couldn't get passed the part with the robot bug thing because the screen was going at about 3 FPS. I had to give up because I couldn't continue.

haha i dont have any money, rip. good for you guys though! love this game.

do you have any ideas about when the full game is coming out? will you release it here?

The zoom was a little hard to control, and the turning was pretty sensitive and hard to control as well. For mobile the controls were perfect but on PC they were a bit hard to move exactly.

Awesome game! I enjoyed the demo and I am very glad I came back for the full release! Great work.

i ran into a few glitches but overall a super fun and cute game!

exactly my thoughts! so similar to cube escape birthday

reminds me of those cube escape mobile games! i love it

i have the same issue. just got a brand new laptop with barely any other games on it

did anyone else have an issue with the quality? for me, the screen is very blurry. I cant see any of the numbers for prices, and the symbols and levels on the penguins are very hard to read

I found out about the coin yesterday, just found out you could open kitchen cabinets today!

this game is super fun! i wish there was an option to skip that same phone call about the stealing since we have to do it every time. its also a bit weird that everything goes flying when you grab stuff but that's not a bad thing. overall super fun and a great time waster!

the sensitivity is sooooo high holy crap

where on earth is the coin and cheese on the plate? ive played so many rounds trying to find them XDD

wow! i really liked this a lot. The art and the concept is super cool. Idk if you'll ever see this feedback since this is from over a year ago but seriously, nice work!

happened to me too. i still have wolf hair, and i got the potion right this time **i think** but im not able to put it in the bowl, hugeee disappointment that i have to start over

i really enjoyed this game! mel is super cute as a character and her design is really nice. i played through a few times to do all the different options. 10/10!

just finished! awesome game, I really like all the stickers :) the controls were a bit difficult for PC but i'm sure it would be better on mobile. overall great game