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Did a (short) no commentary playthrough, loved the ending!

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This looked really beautiful, very atmospheric too, nice colours and style.

I uploaded some no commentary gamplay of the level:

It might not be excactly the same thing, but kind of related; to be able to browse or search for collections from the main page.

It would make curated recommendations or thematic collections etc more easily accessible, and make discovering new games both easier and more fun. 

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A great, little game! I really liked the atmosphere and lighting, and the contrast between the cold exteriors and the warm cabin. It was a little clunky and linear at times, but the story and setting were very well done. It reminded me a bit about The Long Dark, and played like a short horror movie. I guess I have to replay and choose a different chocolate at one

Fantastic game!

It's like Morrowind meets Dark Souls, with a dash of H.P. Lovecraft. A very tight and well crafted, immersive game world. I really liked the atmosphere and setting, the lore bits, and the light sprinkle of music. Plus the scary house of course. Elegant ending.

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From what I've played so far it looks like a great game! I really like the atmosphere and style of it, and also the way the areas are built.

It would be nice to have a save option, and maybe some optional hints if one gets stuck, or a a simple journal.

Also, the intro car drive is perfect for a small credits roll. The music and fog made it feel like a European film. The gas station reminded me of Fallout new Vegas.