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The animation is of great quality, almost movie like. But, maybe for that very reason, there is no content to speak of.
The dev, or the team, is really talented, from what i can say. But it isn't a game or even a movie so far.
Great animation skills and an intriging setup though.

Lots of typos, it doesn't hinder comprehension, but it makes the whole thing less pleasing. So far the content is a bit lacking for my tastes. Makes perfect sense for an introduction though. I wish i had stumble on this game at a later stage. I'll follow it and see how this goes.

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Interresting game with roughly 10 hours of content if you do all the subquests. The porn is fine, comes rather regularly. There are a couple bugs though.  

- When trying to get signatures for batybat to let me through solving the puzzle got me on some bed wich was considered unpassable terrain. I had to use the autosave to get out of that "trap". Well looks like you fixed that one in the meantime.
- One of gabriel porn scene in the upper level of the church/cathedral loops and i had to use the autosave again.

Those are the two i can think of the top of my head.

Anyway, cool game.

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Hi TheArcadean, i'd like to report that to you :

Dunno if you have some understanding with him/her/them, but i don't think so. Not to mention some of their "games" wanted to modify stuff in my OS. Unusual for a RenPy game to say the least. Hence why i looked into them and how i found your game among theirs... The whole thing stinks. Hope denying the request was enought to protect my ride.

Your game's cool though, the only i remembered coming accross from their list.

Thanks for that clarification

What's the difference between the "Emma solo ending" versions and the main versions?

I mean obviousy it contains or leads to "Emma solo ending", but shouldn't that be in game decisions that would lead you to a path or another?

Female MC breaks immersion for me.
Loosing turns me off.
But it takes all sorts to make a world.
And once again the lore and graphisms do look cool.

In Anna's twerking scene, we see her father gets upside downon the couch to get a better view. Then wouldn't it make sense to have Anna's wet close up be upside down a well to match even more what he sees?

Looks like a cool game with great designs and an interresting lore, but i'm not into erotic games where the main character is a female.
Given that all ennemies appear masculine in shape should i assume the erotic scenes are unlocked when the player looses?
If so yet another reason to think this game is not for me.

But yeah, once again looks cool and well made.

Well good job on fixing it anyway. ;)
Nice game by the way, even if i'm pretty sure i said so already in the past.

Yup, suffered from that, but it wasn't game-breaking. All one had to do is fuck the girls till libido allowed to travel, then go back home using the phone and then keep playing. Or am i wrong?

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Really nice VN with litteral hours of content and diversity in the body shape of the harem members. It is well written and most of the images and animations are nice - almost everything really, did see a glitch regarding the hand/wrist of one of the girls near the bedpost in the MC's bedroom during a sexscene though.

Heavilly oriented toward impregnation, that could be a turn off to some i suppose, even if on a personal level it is one of my kinks.

Anyway there are things i'd have liked to be slightly different, but a great VN overall 5/5

Good game, would recommand it.
Maybe have it proofreaded by someone whose native language is english because there are a few times where translation isn't accurate.

0.55 has been available on Patreon, in early access, for 5+ $ patrons - wich is the lvl 3 of contribution - for only a couple of days. So my guess is the dev is just saying the update is done, please come suscribe on Patreon.

Hello there,

I would like to report some issues i came accross :

- Custom name system doesn't seem to be working, everyone seems to be reffering to the main character as Dylan, no matter what.

- Right after the main character talked to Juju the maid calls him Mister Dylan again and he answers "you are determined". I don't know what you meant by that. I'd assume that's an error in the translation, might be wrong though, english isn't my native even if i'd say i'm fluent.

- there are also random typos, "yoy" instead of "you" for exemple.

The scene he mentionned is related to Anika, text is literrally "Anika option 1 png" and so on. Or at least it starts here
Thought it might make your job fixing it easier.

Because you have against the likes of Lucy? Man, you're tough.
I'd say Lina's way more sexy/mature in terms of character design but the storytelling with her insecurities and all bolsters her cuteness so she wins on both sides... It's not a matter of natural defenses it's a matter of OP character -_- <3<3<3<3
She's an upgraded version of the ginger queen before said queen turned bi and started frolicking with women. And one of the main reason i have any defense against the previous model is that tendency to play with others.
There's also better graphisms in MNM than in MNF.
I mean she's even playfull and successfull enought for the people who like strong independant women to not dislike her.
Sure if GILF is your thing you won't be attracted, but other than that? - but then there is her grandmother, also a pretty ginger -
Did i mention i was partial?

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Some of the translation from spanish to english does not work on the pc version.

the "enter your name" line for exemple, or the "pick your card" line during the game vs Saotome.

Dude has no weapon wants to beat up a goblin so he grabs a stick. Ok nice. Goblin has a spear. Ok.
Goblin down, dude keeps running around with his stick => plot hole. A shitty weapon is better than no weapon, but if you have the chance to grab a better weapon in a matter of seconds why not go for it?

Also did you plan for the group of goblins to maybe be defeated? I mean running around in cricles to avoid getting hit does trigger the health regeneration and with enought playthroughs it might be possible to land enought hits and be lucky enought to trigger regen before being dead every time you stop running to hit them. I tried once and did see the enemy bar go down, although at a really slow rate compared to previous fights.

If it's just a really hard fight i hope there is a reward for managing it, instead of the game just bugging because the player did something that should not be possible.

If it's a fight you can't win maybe script it with a lone goblin, or a group, doesn't matter, taking you down BEFORE you can fight. Like still in the dialogue and they stab you.

Also maybe do indicate NTR in the tags, because the only character getting his dick wet in the demo is not the MC. Sure it doesn't correspond to the definition of the genre given that she gets raped while the main character tried to protect her, but that was not content that i wished to see.

Then again, maybe this game is centered around NTR and hopelessness, then making the loss in the fight appear obvious would take away some of that hopelessness guilt trip.

Yup, this update did not disappoint. Great work, you're talented. Depth of characters, great design, good stories...

And Lina...

I mean i kindda guessed she'd be tantalizing, but damn...
I'm partial to gingers, i guess i'm not the only one around here, but this one...

That is quite limitative as to what an individual is. Both toward yourself if you see yourself as just a coded suite of amino acides, and toward the children you may have, seeing them as a the mere continuation of said genetics.

I do understand the underlying "primal breeder" logic of your statements. The pokemon like logic "gotta catch them all". Yet i fail to see how harems and pregnancy are linked in a factual manner. You say the ultimate goal of a harem is to have many kids and leave a mark in the human gene pool. Most would say the finality of a harem is actually pleasure, the ability to enjoy plenty a different woman.

You somehow satisfied my curiosity. You like breeding, and you want to do as many as possible. Logic flows in that way. The other way around not so much. Following that logic pregnancy tag should result in harem tag. But that's the opposite of what we were talking about. Sure harem opens the door to multiple impregnations at once and i do see the appeal, but still not the causality. But let's no linger off topic. ^^

Cool game btw, probably said so ages ago, but still... Downloading the last version curently, hope it's as good as previously - i don't see why not.

sure, no problem

I think you may want to give a few reasons to why the MC bears with it from the start. I mean right now the best i can think of is that he is really stoic in nature and thinks she may have answers, maybe emphasis on the latter a bit more. I mean the dude is an orphan, so maybe he enjoys having some presence around him too, even as obnoxious as this girl can be.

I may be wrong, but i thought tsundere acted in a distant or violent way only toward their love interrest, not toward random strangers. To me Mikiko is more a violent bitch trying to avenge her parents death more than a shy girl hiding her feeling under a layer of icy behavior or agressivity. I did get hints about you going this way though, all the more with the end of the current version. Not that there is anything wrong with a PTSD riddled girl.

English is fine, for the most part.

Nice, thanks... I assume i am not playing 0.9c though, for i have not come accross any goblin lair.

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Hello there.

Hmm? I'm a few minutes in the game and i wonder. Why would a dude who can shrug off bullets leave an apparently rather normal girl threaten him and dictate her law in his appartment, steal his food, damage his property and so on?

I'd kick her out and be done with it. I'm usually a white knight type of character in games and honnestly that's the nicest i'd be with the trigger happy vampire hunter wannabe. Other end of the spectrum she'd be dead -because she's a threat to "my own" survival and to others- and potentially raped given that the MC has a raging boner when she comes in guns blazing. I mean if she'd die anyway...

Even better still, assuming i didn't defend myself when the bitch attacked, and did not throw her out just "because". I'd open the door to the cops and tell them about the shooting, that she's armed and deranged. I might omit to mention that she got me though, i mean she doesn't exactly seem like a sharpshooter anyway, and her story about healing abilities wouldn't hold.

Also you seem to be confused between his and hers. His is for male, dudes. Hers is for female, women.

Same with he and she. She is for females, women, girls. He is for males, dudes, boys, men.

So Kuromi, the buxom shop worker, is a SHE, and i definetly did not base my declaration on HER breast... Oh well, i did. Unless she's packing meat down there... I mean you never know...

Speaking of Kuromi, when the MC asks for a douhnut she answer to him by calling him "Player". It could be a nickname, but she doesn't seem to be the type, so i suppose you missed an attempt to make the custom name appear.

"Trigger happy" name is Mina before going to the grocery store and becomes Mikiko after the grocery store. Given that Mina seems to be the vampire's name you have to fix the first part of your given name for the vampire hunter, you got it wrong.

Also when Psychotic Jane Doe -AKA Mikiko or Mina i don't know anymore- is shopping with the Main Character for "their last meal" she says : quote : <<I'm not sure if you bothered to remember my name, Jack, but don't be shy to use it>> Now the thing about it is, one it appears as if said by the Main Character, with his custom name being displayed. Should be Mikiko i assume. And second she names him Jack, wich is not the custom name i chose, might be the default name, or just an easter egg i didn't get.

When Mikiko faces Mina, the vampire speaks of the vampire hunter as a half-elf, wich the MC then refers to as a half-fairy. Fae kind may be vast and all, but consistency is often under rated...

Ensue a fight between a creature, wich i thought was the bartender, and the vampire hunter. In wich i did not intend to participate, at least not on the hunter side. Bitch comes in and threatens his friend, of course the bartender gets loose. But no, even if you "fail" to protect her she's saved.

Plot holes all over the place, no beta reading -although i assume free version here on itch can substitute to that... All in all didn't have an amazing time. I did like the combat mechanism though, but it's uses are limited because winning or loosing ends up having the same result.

The prologue on the other end, is longer than some VN in their entirety, so there is that too i suppose. I'm counting it as a pro. There is content to it.

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Hello there,
I think i glitched the game.

I have had the queen captured, but then spent the night doing a sleepover cause i couldn't get to bed cause the game wanted me to talk to the queen who i couldn't find. Yeah i know, i found her later on, but back on the topic.

So i found the crown, showed it to Gwen she told me about a veil something castle's throneroom to get a scepter. I learned from forums that this castle would be "the keep". But i can't go there cause they don't like goblins. Have to wait for the princess to take over. Problem is the princess gloats about being queen, but doesn't do shit.

I suspect that by not talking to the dethroned queen when prompted i missed an event and now the queen only tells me she wants to be released.

I know there is an other ending, potentially the main ending, with the princess being queen and the tieves going on adventures. But i'd rather like my character being king with mystical powers and a harem than thief with... an accomplice?

Interresting story, amazing cinematics.

Only downside is the manga style of the faces stands out like a sore thumb because the rest is reality smooth. I mean compared to another VN the faces look good, but compared to the backgrounds, the moving car, bodies and so on present in that very game, they don't look so good anymore.

Other potential downside, this looks like a ton of work, i don't expect the story to progress fast.

While i do like both harems and pregnancies i fail to see the causality link between the two, or the logic behind the reasonning.

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Hello Habardgames, and thanks for the fast answer.

I deleted the game in between, having reached the end of the current version.
I downloaded it again to answer your request.
I tried to run in the same issue, but i can save just fine.
It may be an issue of corrupted data during my last download, knowing that my internet connection isn't the best.
Or maybe you looked into it and fixed it in the meantime?

In any case all is good and i can save just fine now.

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problem solved

Gardians&Dungeons - PC link is acting up for me.
No download, no effective redirection, just weird text.
Maybe verify the link.
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I think it may be linked to the choice vanishing issue.
I may have rolled back, sensitive mouse and all that. Then because there was no option to pick from the program may have launched the last picked choice, and again each time i reached the end of said topic. I may have misled you with a faulty diagnostic.

I thought asking more stuff before saying no made sense.
Indeed, picking "i can't help you" from the start does allow one to progress.

Choosing to dig for info though, does lock you in the loop.
And starting anew after having chosen to dig for infos does not allow you to pick the "i can't help you" option
Or at least in my case it did take the choice i made previously without allowing me to make a new one.
Had to uninstall and reinstall the game to be able to pick new choices.

Picking third choice from the start, and one that sounds like a polite "Buzz off" is a bit weird to me.
But hey, if you says it's normal...

I ran in a loop during wich Emilly speaks of mindless sex dolls, have to pick "Sure" or "Maybe not"... but no matter what i pick she just loop back at the beginning of that topic