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Hello! There is currently no specific release plan, but we are working on a simplified version to support Mixed Reality (MR) mode.

Please contact me via email at to obtain the Applab Key.

Sorry, let me know your game nickname and I'll help you out.

Make sure you downloaded the latest version from applab.

Hi, I saw the email, I'll send you the key right away, I'm very sorry for not giving feedback in time!

You can get coins by completing the tasks in the game.
There is no option to buy coins at the moment.

Hello, please leave your purchase email, I will send the key to this email soon, thank you!


Just click 'download Demo/Trail version' and after playing  for a while, it will show you mentions to input your code~

Hello, Kingdom of Blades now is not still in review of APP LAB. You can download it through itch and after you play for while, this will be a mention to tell you input your code~ Of course if you have already bought our Bundle before and you will get code after this game lanuches in APP LAB for free~

Hello, if you have already bought this game. We will contact you through mail including APP LAB code~

Last day to have a chance to get free Supporter Plus Key in our discord #giveaways channel!!!




You can first download Demo version and after the trial you can input your activate code~

Yeah we have submitted it to APP LAB and now it's in review procedure~

Sorry for the late reply. We are still working on the upgrade of this game and for now it can not be downloaded

Thanks for your support. And I am sorry to tell you that you  must use sideload or sidequest installer to install this game~

Sorry for the late reply. For now this game do work on the Quest. But our game is now in the willlist on steam and in the future it will work on Rift S. 

If you bought Hibow support, which means you can get Hibow release version for free after this games's official version launches and some special skins, etc.  

Thanks for your comments. Are there any troubles with the game?

Thanks for your comments. Hibow is still developing and we are working on the game very hard to bring more players best experience. In the future(after release) there will be more privileges for the early supports including speical skins,badges, etc. We are also trying to make achievement systems in the game. So Hibow gets a long way to go for developers.  Players can be confident in your expectation of Hibow.

Thanks for your support! We will continue to make this game better!

Sorry for the late reply.  This game will be launched on steam in a few months and we are working on it!

Sorry for the late reply. This is a VR-based game. And it will also be launched on steam in a few months.

Hello, this is a VR-based game.

Sorry for the late reply, what problems did you encounter? Feel free to contact us Our email:

Thanks for the suggestion, it sounds great! Nes Space will try to support more emulators in the future.

Thank you very much for your feedback! We will check the situations you listed one by one. If you get the screenshots, please provide it to us. Thanks again!

Welcome to join the Hibow Community and fight together! Discord

Currently only supports quest. We got a plan to launch on PC platfrom. I will let you know when the PC version is released. And also there's a game already on Oculus called Airranger. It's like a predecessor made by us but less contents than Hibow.

Hi, If you complete the payment, you will receive an email from itch. Your payment hasn’t been received yet.

Thank you for your suggestion.  Sounds great!  Nes Space may try it in the future.

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Hello, we don’t provide rom, you can buy or download rom to import into Nes Space.

Thanks for your support!

Sure! Welcome to become a Hibow Early Supporter !

Hello, our player id is hardware based before. However, you can contact our email  I will tell you the information you need to provide and then we can solve the problem.

Currently only supports quest. You may try Airranger, download it from steam or oculus store.

Thanks for your review! Welcome to join the Hibow Community and fight together! Discord

Thanks for your review! Welcome to join the Hibow Community and fight together! Discord

Welcome to join the Hibow Community and fight together! Discord

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Thanks for the gameplay video! There is a bug at the beginning of your video. We will update a patch to fix this bug today.

Hello there!  You can try to delete the current version in your helmet, and then reinstall the V0.2.7 version.