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Welcome to join the Hibow Community and fight together! Discord

Currently only supports quest. We got a plan to launch on PC platfrom. I will let you know when the PC version is released. And also there's a game already on Oculus called Airranger. It's like a predecessor made by us but less contents than Hibow.

Hi, If you complete the payment, you will receive an email from itch. Your payment hasn’t been received yet.

Thank you for your suggestion.  Sounds great!  Nes Space may try it in the future.

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Hello, we don’t provide rom, you can buy or download rom to import into Nes Space.

Thanks for your support!

Sure! Welcome to become a Hibow Early Supporter !

Hello, our player id is hardware based before. However, you can contact our email  I will tell you the information you need to provide and then we can solve the problem.

Currently only supports quest. You may try Airranger, download it from steam or oculus store.

Thanks for your review! Welcome to join the Hibow Community and fight together! Discord

Thanks for your review! Welcome to join the Hibow Community and fight together! Discord

Welcome to join the Hibow Community and fight together! Discord

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Thanks for the gameplay video! There is a bug at the beginning of your video. We will update a patch to fix this bug today.

Hello there!  You can try to delete the current version in your helmet, and then reinstall the V0.2.7 version.

Hello there! This seems to be a networking issue.
1. Please check your network connection and try to enter the activation code again.
2. If it still doesn't work. Please contact us at and provide your activation code. We will run a check and inform you ASAP if there's a result.

You are the pioneer Top4, and you have received 3000 coins as a reward. And the return of points is to prepare for the preseason. ,  wish you get a good place.

Thank you for your feedback! We will read this document and plan to optimize the resolution in later versions.

Thanks for your feedback, which rom has an error while running. Could you tell us the name of rom pls?  we will check it.

Thanks for your proposal, I have added the tag.

Thanks for your suggestion! Sounds good. We welcome your ideas and suggestions for NES Space, and will carefully consider each idea.

Thank you for your feedback. You can spend coins to unlock the storage cabinet, and every hour of the game will bring 14,000 coins. The storage function is currently not supported. NES SPACE will support other emulatons in the future.

Thank you for your feedback. Did you download the free trial version? Please tell me more about your black screen information, I will help you solve it.

The first to consider is mobile vr.

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Thanks for your reply and attention to Airranger!We previously developed Airranger For Pc VR.

Hibow is a new game developed for Oculus Quest. It will be launched on sidequest for free.

The bow and arrow experience comes from Airranger, but it is better than that.We spent a lot of time upgrading it, and if you've ever played Airranger, the new game will surprise you even more!

It has to be said that Hibow will have a lot of social content.

Hibow is still under development, welcome to join discord to exchange your ideas and suggestions. Link:hibow discord server

Thank you for your feedback!There is no way to use these masks now. Player self-timer function will be developed later. At that time you can decorate yourself with a mask.

Hello, I will help you solve this problem. You need to provide me with the email number you used to buy NES SPACE. In order to protect your privacy, please contact me by email:

Thanks for your feedback, we will check the running status of Bomberman on the simulator.

Thank you for your feedback. May I ask what rom you are running and have a bad experience?We will help you solve your problem.

NES SPACE is specially developed for mobile VR, including Quest, Oculus Go. NES SPACE will support other emulatons in the future.

You need SideQuest, there’s links to a tutorial on how to install this in the description of the video. You also need to connect your headset to PC to transfer the emulator and roms from your computer to your headset. Then, run the emulator, give it permission to access your files. Once you’ve done that, restart your Quest, connect it to your PC and you should see a folder called ‘NES Space’. Copy your roms into that folder. When you start up the emulator again, go into your games library, hit the refresh button and the games should come up.

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Nes Space(Oculus Quest VR)

NES Sapce is a VR FC game simulator that can turn your helmet into a NES game console. You can play hundreds of FC games. Old-fashioned black-and-white TVs, game racks with cassettes, familiar game bgm ... all these will quietly open the door to your memories. VR technology takes you back to the past, full of emotions and memories. Quickly import your favorite Rom and play hundreds of FC classic games. You can DIY the game space and freely create your dream country. It perfectly supports multiple input methods such as VR Gamepad and mobile phones. We will also provide  APK that can turn your phone into a game controller.

More future plans

Support more controller input. Multiplayer network, players can play games together.

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Thank you very much for your feedback.

We will do a version update that will add more coins and unlock 5 pages of game spaces.We will also check the problem that Super Mario can't run. Currently you can choose Super Mario Bros. + Duck Hunt (USA), it can be run.

Neon Sprint has a perfect combination of VR and rideable animals, allowing you to experience an unprecedented sense of speed in VR without dizziness. Neon Sprint has both endless mode and campaign mode. You will encounter various challenges while riding. Dodging obstacles, sprint over walls and also face up the increasing speed. Players use the characteristics of the mount to quickly avoid obstacles, pass levels, unlock achievements!

Hi,this is the first 6dof mobile version of City Avenger. We did a different experience for the 6dof mobile terminal. The 6dof controller experience is also comparable to the XBOX controller.

Thanks for your support, we will launch more levels in subsequent updates.

Hi, can you provide a screenshot of the time so that we can better check this problem.  Our mailbox is and we look forward to hearing from you.


Trap, conspiracy, cold machine, switch, key, rise ladder. I hope that I am you, to get rid of this nightmare-like lost city.

I am Lilith, my memory is locked. When I woke up, I found everything to be so bad.There is only a little memory left, my brother is my only family, but I can't find him now.Only one robot stay with me, Suffered endless torment.Please don't care about these thorns and lasers, please don't be afraid of these punching machines and monsters, because what is really worthy of fear is the endless despair.Is my memory really locked in these iron blocks, in wooden boxes, in mystery?Why is this robot like an enemy and a friend,follow like a shadow?

I hope you can enter my world, help me find lost memories, find the truth of this laboratory, and find the lost light.I want to know in the end, my despair, it is broken by you, or to pass on to you ...

What you can experienced

The mysterious lab of the full 3D scene can directly control the character completely, and nothing will limit your attempts. In an environment full of dangerous traps and mysterious props, look for Lilith's memory to piece together the clues. The game is divided into three chapters with a total of forty levels to explore subtle skills and unlock wisdom and courage. The mysterious lab is waiting for you to explore and lead Lilith and the robot out of this nightmare.

About the game development

The game originated from the "MANEW" contest and won the first prize. After the contest, we made a more complete version based on the story of the little girl, and now give it to everyone.

Thank you very much!

Thank you for sharing your experience, it will be very helpful for me.

Is there any event about VR games

Thanks for your answer! I want to learn more. How to get the recommended position of ITCH? I followed ITCH's facebook and reddit. Is there an official discord? Or whatever media can get in touch.Looking forward to your reply.