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A member registered Apr 22, 2015

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I'll try to get a vidcap of it happening. Maybe I'm imagining it.

I had a project I did after hours for work in early 2015, in about 3 weeks. Simple reverse engineering project.

I released it last week. Feature creep, man. But, we've got a nice dev kit now. Oh, and yeah, it replaces that old printer or whatever.

For whatever reason, I was seeing bombs and missiles immediately after a loss and replay, without closing the launcher. Might be a bug. Maybe I accidentally hit one of your debug keys and didn't notice.

I forgot that this was a re-implementation of the original game. Naturally, stay true to the mechanics. My suggestions weren't taking that into account.

Do you feel better now that this is out of the way?

LaserSmash community · Created a new topic Basic Feedback

I'm not certain if the difficulty resets between play-throughs on the same launch? Teleport is too random; would prefer it if it picked a random place on the opposite half of the map. What's the difference between small and large bombs? Both seem to be instadeath, and I keep getting 3 high-speed bombs on the screen at the same time. Seems there should be a limiter based on bomb_count * total_bomb_velocity, tyo keep it in the bounds of possible?

This is pretty slick, I have to say. I hope you had a good time making it.

I love this. Cute and happy and positive. Things we could all use a little more of in our life.

Feature request: volume adjust. The keystroke chirps are a bit too loud for me, and I haven't been able to make my (admittedly broken) audio setup find a balance between everything.