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All titles currently sold through are a PC + ANDROID bundle. I am not sure when you purchased the title in question, but if it was fairly recently you should be able to download the PC version.

The title you are commenting on is the genuine game for PC + Android. The title Darkest Nightmare has linked to is the fake and we are going through the process of getting it taken down.

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention we are going through the proper channels to take it down.

Kind regards, CK Team

Thanks for reaching out. We have tested it ourselves and it works.

We are looking to help you out with this, we are wondering what version of Android you are using and what phone you may be working.

If we have this information we will be able to look into it further for you.

Kind regards, CK Team


They will be coming soon, check back in on Friday 😉

It’s a Visual Novel so there is a story to be read about the conquering of the Harem KING!

在 上,语言已被拆分。您可以在提供的链接中找到我们的 WINDOWS 操作系统标题。

Yes there is some anal sex in this one, in most our titles there is…

Anal sex 😏

Hey Gatorade man! We would be happy to help in an instance like this, in order to get it into the right hands please follow up with our team.

You can submit the request through this page on our website or the email on that support page.


Sorry it’s been a while but we are actually in the process of doing that shortly! Stay tuned, should be up within the week~

Hey Gatorade Man,

We are the process of updating all the games and they should be back on the site relatively soon.


Just following up to see if you were able to resolve the issue through a uninstall reinstall cycle?

Kind regards, Cherry Kiss Team

Sorry for the late reply! But yes we do have it in Español!

Hello Jormilos,

Thank you for contacting us. We usually do look into issues submitted through our email.


I have noted the issue you seem to be having with the the titles with the dev team. We are working hard at having a solution and would like to thank you for your patience as we resolve this.

This is a rare issue it seems and we are looking into what can be done to prevent said hiccup.

We apologize for the issue you seem to be experiencing and would like to thank you for your patience as we look to resolve the issue.

Hello Toxic,

You would need to unzip the file in order to make it work.

I hope that has been helpful.

Kind regards, Cherry Kiss Team

Hey Mictlantecuhtl1,

I would like to first ask you to uninstall the game and reinstall the game. This might aid with the issue you seems to be having.

Feel Free to follow up if the issue persists.

Kind regards, Cherry Kiss Team!

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Thank you for reaching out. I will pass this along to the development team and see what the issue might be.

Further information may be needed in order to properly assess the issue.

Can you please let me know what version of each game you are trying to install. Which games’ APK file is conflicting with Monster Girl Breeder’s?

Kind regards, Cherry Kiss Team

Thank you for letting us know. We made some adjustments to the file and believe the issue should be fixed.

If the issue persists please follow up with us by emailing

B-D-H, I wanted to look into this further for you. What version are you trying to run and on what device.

If you can narrow down more information about this we would be happy to solve the problem for you.

Thank you for the support!

We have tested the game with Android 11 and it should be supported. Does the game load to the main menu or does it crash immediately after you launch it?

Try allowing “Files and media” permission for the game and see if it fixes the problem.

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Hello again JohnDoeAnimeFan,

We have almost all of our titles available on steam. You might not be able to see our titles due to content restriction of 18+ content on your account or there might be a restrictions due to regional restrictions.

Many of our titles including “My Yandere Sister Loves Me Too Much” are available on Steam.

Kind regards, Cherry Kiss Team

Hey JohnDoeAnimeFan,

We do produce MacOS options but those are solely sold on Steam atm. The titles are localized from Japanese titles into English, Chinese Simplified + Traditional, and Spanish.

Kind regards, Cherry Kiss Team

This guy gets it!

Thank you for bringing it to our attention. All individual purchases and bundle purchase should now be updated to the latest version.