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I really have appreciated the puzzles ! somehow the long bar that disappears have annoyed me a lot but overall ! and i guess you did a 2D platformed without jumping but with propulsion if i guessed right that means you did the job

I really liked the idea it's fresh the only thing was the sound was toooooo much scary and let you fear the game somehow but Great Job i hope to see more of it !

I liked the game very simple when you understand the goal enjoyable good !

I liked the game it's a bit complex to understandat first but than becomes enjoyable 

haha yeah i did enjoy the game and hope to play more of it

Fun game to play i liked it a lot but it was so hard at first but i managed to play it through

Thank you for your feedback we'll work on that.

Good game hoping to see more levels and colored spirits

Nice art but i would like to understand the health system because i tried to kill my self and i did not get it ?

Nice game but i didn't get why it was asking me to open my webcam ?

very very nice game i liked it a lot

I really appreciate the art style and the game it's fun for mobile games and cool

I like it even though i haven't tried it multiplayer but i can imagine my self playing this for hours good game

Very Nice puzzle design and good game hoping to see a release

Very Nice game and creative hope to see it improved and with a whole lot of new puzzles