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It's a really old game, really glad to see people still stumbling upon it and enjoying it ^^

sorry man, can't :(

Thanks! We're considering improving and polishing the results after the jam ends! Thanks for the kind feedback ^^

Hey masterkeef! saw the video yesterday. it was really fun watching you go through it with more or less knowing how the game works already :p I think I could relate more to you this time around hahaha. Also made me realise a lot of things that I need to work on if I want to improve it, because there are a bunch of technical shortcomings in here ^^'

Thanks for the video and the review, and big thanks for suffering through it again :)

Thanks for the video, Mansion! Really enjoyed watching you go through the game. 

Lack of playtesting has made it slightly more obscure and incomprehensible (and buggy) than we expected, but we're planning to polish it up after the jam ends and create a more playable version :p 

(PS. It'll also have Spanish translations!)

That'd be really really helpful man, thanks.

Thanks man, really enjoyed the video. When he says innocent souls, it does not include the attackers ^^' 

Sorry for the ton of reading, our team isn't one for much text either, but it was a story jam :p

That's the first time I've seen this bug, can you also tell me what events you went through when it happened? Thanks again!

sorry, none yet. Should implement one now that you say it

I'm CheezGarlick#2453 on discord :) looking forward to hearing from you

Thanks man! sure you can look at it if you feel's not very clean or anything but does get the job done :D

This is just an amazing game! I'm baffled how you managed to pull that off in 9 hours! Awesome stuff, really blown away

Hey it's not just you, the jump height *is* pretty low indeed :D

The shooting for jumping is indeed a nice idea! I did go back and forth a bunch of times on the jump heights and stuff...then finally stuck to a shorter jump. In hindsight, I should have give it a bit more height or at least some increased hang-time. The death issue is compounded by the fact that there's a very dumb bug where enemies start updating themselves before they're supposed to. Fixing that in the post jam does help the game get a sense of memory based challenge. Otherwise it was just a stupid meat-grinder in the initial builds ^^'

Thanks for the suggestions though, I'll incorporate these into further jams and games :D

Thanks mate :D


Here's the callstack :


nx/game/actor.lua:76: setPos was given no arguments


[C]: in function 'assert'
nx/game/actor.lua:76: in function 'setPos'
trijam/char-columns.lua:46: in function 'update'
nx/game/actor.lua:233: in function 'update'
nx/game/scene.lua:369: in function 'update'
main.lua:16: in function 'update'
[C]: in function 'xpcall'

haha epic kitty of awesomeness <3

I nominate this game for the cutest game made for this jam award

can be turned into a very fun experience with just a bit more work! great job. Really enjoyed it.

Red arrows for the red ballista, blue for blue. Bit of a bad design on our part, people have been having issues with the mechanics ^^'

It crashes after hopefully my voice is clear enough :(

Glad to hear that!

Hey Charlie, thanks for checking the game out. 

No you didn't miss anything, the jump indeed is pretty short. 

I'm really sorry the controls gave you trouble. If you check the post jam version, you can also play with the WASD JK keys, but I'm afraid I suspect even they might be in a different order on your keyboard. Though you can play with a controller in the post jam version :)

Thanks Danton! Didn't expect you'd play it already :> Please also check out the new version too if you have time 

Thanks for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Thanks for playing it ^^

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Thanks for playing! We'll be sure to fix it in post jam versions :)

I'm certain you don't suck, the mechanics are indeed a bit weird, and that difficulty spike is totally there :P

Thanks for your comments! My friend here told me to let the arrows pass through, but due to lack of time, I forgot to implement that change. We're working on a post-jam build where we're aiming to address the very issues you just pointed out!

thanks a lot!