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Likewise, thanks for the quick and detailed response. I really appreciate it.

I’m very much OK with people polishing their stories after the jam is finished, so go nuts!

Thanks again, friend!


Dear Jinx,

Thanks for the question. That sounds fine by me..!

/james puts jam-creator noob hat on

May I ask a question – is there a reason to not allow updates after the jam has ended?

Thanks for checking it out!

Solid game! I love the aesthetic and depth of strategy that is possible. <3

Absolutely wonderful. <3

Very unique..!

A very teensy game, even for Bitsy’s 8x8 standard. Very sweet and simple. I enjoyed this a lot.

I really liked the theme of this game. The colours were great, and the pawprints were a nice touch. I also liked how you animated the boy to turn the light out. That is a good use of sprites 👍

May I ask: did you make this game using this tool only?

I’m really impressed and would like to give it a go myself!

Wonderful story! I loved the art. The colours and the perspective were really unique. I’m not sure why everything was a ball, but it was certainly very interesting..! Such a hopeless ending though :(

Thank you for creating this.

Lovely palette and BGM <3

That’s an adorable bedtime routine. The sprites and graphics were wonderful, too :)

I liked the fact that you could go back through hell and out the other side. And, in doing so, the dialog had changed! I wasn’t able to find an “end” state though. Perhaps I missed something?

That was great! The colours were really good, and the story fits the theme perfectly. I like how you incorporated typical nightmares and dreams into the main characters waking day. They are clearly very creative in their thinking, so I really do wonder what dreams they will have at night. I hope they have good dreams :)

i like that you kept the tea in there 😉 🍵

What. on. earth. is. this? I’ve never seen bitsy in 3d before. It’s amazing! I loved the theme, the palette and the story. Really well executed (though I do not know what the meaning of the control room was… was it a metaphor for the SLEEPY BOI’s brain? 🤔)

Thank you for opening my eyes to the world of Bitsy 3D!

This is an interesting remix of the shooting game tutorial.

Thank you for playing. I’m glad to see you noticed the question speed change. I hope this game helped you to learn ひらがな :)

This game does not help you to learn programming.


Very interesting concept. I have never seen anything like this before..!

Thank you for trying. I have contacted this student multiple times…

Unfortunately, we can’t play this game…

What can I say? This is a perfect fit for this jam. Executed so well! <3

PARODY LEVEL MAX! I love how hard this shooter is. 👏

The music lining up with when the bullets fire is awesome.

This game utilizes the Nerdy Teachers platformer tutorial really well.

I’m impressed by this game too.

The random question generator is wonderful.

This game does not remix the original game (here) enough. Can you call this your own game?

Actually, both of these games are very poor remixes of Algebra Blaster. I am thinking of removing these as they have not put enough effort into creating a game of their own.

A very interesting remix of MBoffin’s adventure tutorial.

I enjoyed being a virus, causing trouble in the intestines!

For a parody submission, this is surprisingly serious. The game laid out some of the issues that surround “binge drinking” and some great ways to avoid getting drunk or giving in to peer pressure. Very well made..!

I also really enjoyed the “drunk” feeling that you achieved.

The BGM was minimal and appropriate.

Well done.

Wonderful graphics, fx, and music! Really well made :) (Is that Squirtle btw? hehe)

Yes, you are correct. チバ –> Chiba アイチ –> Aichi

Hello all!

Please consider this a place to introduce yourselves.

Students, please consider introducing your:

  • Your major
  • Your hobbies
  • Your favourite game
  • The type of game you will make for this jam

May I ask – how did you get the lines to flow out from the centre like that? I’m having so much difficulty wrapping my head around the maths needed to get that particular movement… Any help would be appreciated.

Also, regarding the music… just WOW. Love the exaggerated side-chain effect.

This is a WONDERFUL puzzle game. Really enjoying it. Going to take a break at Level 11, but hope to come back after dinner and finish it..!

The sword animation is :chef-kiss:

This is absolutely gorgeous <3

Thank you for playing!

The person had difficulties uploading this game. It’s there now though. Thanks for checking!


The story is fun and engaging, but the best bit is the ART…! Wow! So good!

A fantastic game with some very serious themes.

  • bullying
  • pressure from parents to perform
  • pressure from friends to be a certain person
  • being made an outcast.

Thank you for sharing this.

Your use of variables and exits in this game was great. Very immersive!