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This is a WONDERFUL puzzle game. Really enjoying it. Going to take a break at Level 11, but hope to come back after dinner and finish it..!

The sword animation is :chef-kiss:

This is absolutely gorgeous <3

Thank you for playing!

The person had difficulties uploading this game. It’s there now though. Thanks for checking!


The story is fun and engaging, but the best bit is the ART…! Wow! So good!

A fantastic game with some very serious themes.

  • bullying
  • pressure from parents to perform
  • pressure from friends to be a certain person
  • being made an outcast.

Thank you for sharing this.

Your use of variables and exits in this game was great. Very immersive!

A nice, short game with a strong message. Of course, your friend was being selfish, but it was very adult of you to apologise. I hope you can find better friends than this guy “Ryosuke..!”

An interesting entry. I was not expecting that ending at all! 🤯

This was a very original story with a vast scale.

Long live nerds…!

The ending is very interesting. I don’t know why the person thought that we stole all of the items. Was that a design choice?

The character design was quite surreal, too. I want to go to a culture festival like this..!

During the year 2025, it automatically jumps BACK to 2021 for some reason.

This was a wonderful concept, and you wrote about it very well. What is a friend, really? Can robots be our friends?

I found a bug, which prevented me from seeing the end of the game. I will check it with you next class.

Hi @KawachanKM! :D

Thanks for checking and commenting on my students’ games. I really appreciate it!

Interesting submission Kuro!

I liked the dialog screen. The flow of text was very well made.

You had a few issues with pronouns in the game, but it wasn’t a huge issue.

The puzzles in this game were very well made. I also enjoyed going into the computer. Great touch! The colours were very well chosen.

It was funny to see the main character walk backwards. He was moonwalking..! haha.

Great job!

Thank you for your submission. This game was very cute. I like your use of BGM to show what a lovely day it is.

I found two endings

  1. getting told off by the officer
  2. not getting told off by the officer

Was there a way to find the cat’s home?

The technical skills you showed here are very strong.

  • kicking the ball
  • walking through the house and the “fog of war” effect was very well made.

The story was very short, but that’s fine! It was fun to see the best friends playing football in real life and then playing on the computer.

Your English had a lot of mistakes in it, so I had to give it a low rating there. You should have checked with me before posting.

But still, great job!

A really wonderful submission.

I’m not quite sure why the girl was a robot, but it did not change the impact of the story.

Your technical skills in this game are also amazing. The use of color was very good, especially the dialog. Finally, the staircase into the house was very well made. How did you do that?!

When the girl fainted, I was surprised. You really captured the feeling of surprise well in this game.


I liked this short story a lot.

Just to check – the idea is that the students wanted to make a plan for the summer, right? And, were very eager to do something before the summer holiday started. However, when they all got back to school for the fall semester, they found out that actually, nobody had done anything?

Sounds very typical!

What? There were secrets?!

Thanks for your submission! This was an interesting journey!

I have to ask:

  1. How did you get the game to be so multicolored?
  2. How dis you make the footsteps in the snow?!
  3. I got to the end and met my friend, but there was no explicit end state. Was that a design choice?

The character design is wonderful. Very expressive.

I think I solved all of the problems, but I’m not sure HOW I did it.

Is this some kind of future school of robots? 🤔

This is a very cute game. The remix of the story “momotaro” is a great concept. I was very surprised when the protagonist became friends with the demon character at the end. Great job!

This is a WONDERFUL game @akasatana.

It is the first entry that I saw which has multiple endings. Fantastic!

Your use of color to show who is speaking is really good, too.

And the slang is just amazing. AF, IKR, K, CU, etc. You really researched informal, internet English. I love it.

Finally, I really liked the setting design. The online game chat vs real world setting was very easy to understand.

Great job.

Thanks for your submission @popopo.

A very cute story. But, how on earth did your present get locked behind a door like that? haha.

Also, you should have checked your spellings with me before posting. There are quite a few mistakes.

Thanks for joining. It’s great to see you here! I also enjoy making Pico-8 games. It’s such a fun environment.

Looking forward to seeing your game ✌️

Thanks for the question! The theme is friends or friendship, so please make something related to that keyword :)

Please share your games on! I would like to see them

Hello all!

Please consider this a place to introduce yourselves.

Students, please consider introducing your:

  • Your major
  • Your hobbies
  • Your favourite game

The puzzles are very well made..!

Ah…! Now I see it. Thank you for the quick reply!

Wonderful story! But I must mention:

  • The art..!
  • The music..!
  • The colours..! (seriously, how did you get some many colours in a Bitsy game?!)

I’m in the same boat. And yes, this is REALLY inspiring.

My god, that is brilliant. Wow!

This is absolutely wonderful. I loved the aesthetic, the “fog of war” and the puzzles. How. Did. You. Make. Something. This. Good?! 👏👏👏👏

brilliant! Thanks for the quick reply <3

Just stumbled across this and really want to try it out. I invited the bot to my server, typed INIT but can’t seem to get past that. Does it not work anymore? That would be a real shame. I think this looks like a GREAT activity to do in Discord

Wonderful aesthetic <3 Is it developed in Bitsy?

Hey Kai! Thanks for the comment.

Yes, I know this game is not perfect. There are a lot of things still “wrong” with it. The mobs definitely could spawn more quickly…

And yes, adding music would certainly make it more fun :)

I’m very happy to hear that you played it though! <3

Thank you so much for the feedback!!!