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Thanks for informing me of this issue! I'll do my best to have this fixed before the end of this coming weekend! I apologize if that's a long wait just I'm fairly backed up with work 😞 but I will definitely do my best to resolve this ASAP!

Hmm, if you can provide me a link m to the plugin i can probably fix the issue. ^^

Awesome! thanks for letting me know about this issue! I've update the plugin to version 1.5.2, it should now resolve this problem ^^

wow that is strange! I'll try to look into fixing this asap! I can't imagine what's causing this o_o; The only thing that had changed in the previous versions was I created a new renderer for pixi js. maybe I need to double check my implementation. Thanks for letting me know this.

Well now that is definitely weird and should in no circumstances be occuring... are you certain this is from my plugin?? I have not altered any of the mouse functionality whatsoever aside from hiding the mouse and putting an image in it's place. ^^;

I just put out an update for this that should resolve your issue! sorry for the long delay, I've been pretty busy lately ^^;

are you using this in MV or MZ? If your using MV are you using a custom plugin to change resolution?

I am going to attempt to create a standalone editor for the engine before I cover an MV release, as I believe the only issue with MV is that the editor itself is not compatible.. :/

However my progress on the editor has been a bit slower than I'd like ^^; I do have a framework built for it, but it may take me some time still to get it all where I want it..

Hopefully at the end of that though I'll have a working version for MV.

I have asked the person who originally commissioned the patch for said plugin and they're response was as follows.

"You can tell them they can use it. I don’t use rpg maker anymore these days, and I don’t mind sharing something useful"

SO you have their okay to use it in your project! :)

I cannot give access to a customized plugin as iirc, it was more than likely commissioned but I can ask the person who commissioned the changes if you may use them. ^^; I'll get back to you on the results ^^

Interesting! I believe I know the cause of this issue I'll look into this asap! Thanks for letting me know! ^^

Busts are hopefully on the way soon! I've just been busy with work, but hopefully I can find some time to get around to creating this feature sooner rather than later. :)

I thought about this, however I felt it'd be more tedious than necessary ^^; to simplify the process I kept it as it is now, it is possible to pad out the blink animation with more frames with eyes open.

Regardless thanks for the feedback! I'll definitely take it all into consideration! ^^ I will definitely be thinking of ways to make blinking more realistic as well!

Sorry, I didn't have time to try to address this issue yet >.<; I believe I know what the issue is, and I will do my best to resolve this issue when i get a chance. ^^;

The plugin has been updated, this should no longer be an issue! The mouse cursor should be located above ALL elements on screen at all times from now on. This should also include external DOM objects that are attached by external plugins. :)

thanks for this report I'll definitely patch this with the next release. ^^ Sorry for the inconvenicence.

Unforutnately at the moment, the cursor is rendered via PIXI.JS( the game renderer ), inside the games renderer.

So basically any extra Image or Canvas objects that are placed OVER the games renderer will take priority.

I do have a plan to resolve this issue however I have several other projects that must take priority.

I have lots of plans still in store for the plugin unfortunately my time pretty short these days. However I WILL get to this hopefully sooner rather than later.

It does ^^ I've been using it personally in my own MZ project with no issues. :)

Bust support will be added when I get the chance, it seems to be a largely requested feature. ^^

ill look into this issue later on today :) sorry for the inconvenience.

I apologize it took so long to look into this issue especially since it's such a simple one... I feel a bit bad but for both of these plugins all you need to do is make sure MMC+ is placed below them in the plugin manager. Both of these plugins do a hard overwrite of the function "TouchInput._onMouseMove", instead of aliasing it, therefore all that is required is MMC+ to go below both of these plugins.

Sorry for the late reply, thanks for the kind words :) Sure share with whoever you want! Although the game itself is really terrible(I'm aware of this lol), it was mostly just a showcase for my 3D renderer. :)

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This game was NOT made with MV3D, this was made with The Rose Engine, my own from scratch 3D renderer. 

Other than that thanks for playing the game, it was rushed for the most part but my only real goal was to advertise my 3D renderer :)

Edit: I just watched your video it was really constructive haha, I really appreciate the feedback, If I continue this project I'll definitely take what you've said into consideration!

Which buttons? the Touch UI buttons in MZ? or the picture buttons plugin.

If it's the picture buttons then yes, pixel perfect collision works on them, if it's the touch UI buttons then no, pixel perfect collision does not work for them, this only has pixel perfect collision for Events, ad pictures/picture buttons.

If it's necessary pixel collision can be added to the touch UI buttons as well.

You can change the cursor when hovering over events, this is already implemented yes.

At the moment I think it works off of notes only but I can add support to do so via comments in an event page( if it's not already there, apologies, it's been a while since I've messed with this plugin ).

Apologies, give me about a month and I'll try to get to this then... sorry for the inconvenience.

thanks for the feedback, I'll take this all into consideration for future development of both my plugins, and my games!~ :)

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I only have one thing to say to this! D: It's not MV/Z3D, it's using the rose engine, my own personal 3D renderer( available on my page ), which was built from scratch! It's quite a bit more flexible than MV/Z3D :D The 3D platformer bit is just a preview of what's coming for the rose engine soon enough, like you said though it's incomplete, there's quite a bit of work that still needs to be done.

Thanks for the rest of the review though! It was fair the game was rushed, i spent the only the last two weeks of the jam working on this game lol. The battle system was shoehorned in from cyanima, but as I was so short on time I didn't have time to fix all the errors that occured migrating the engine from MV to MZ, also I didn't have time to flesh out the battle system either ^^; Im sure the game could have been better if i focused on one aspect lol, but this was just for fun, and advertisement for my 3D renderer honestly.

Maybe in the future, if there's enough interest in it. For right now though It's not planned.

My apologies! I somehow modified the wrong version of the plugin ._.; I've uploaded the correct version now! :D Sorry about that.

Yeah, I've been busy working on commissions, ^^; I'm trying to get back to more public plugins though. I've honestly been extremely stressed out.. But it'll be fine. Thanks for asking, and I hope your doing well also.

Thanks for the kind words! I hope you find use for this plugin. :)

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your project is using an old version of rpg maker mv. The easiest solution would be to update your project to use 1.5.0+ however I'm sure you havent done so probably for plugin compatability. If thats the case...

The next solution would be to find every instance of const, or let, in the plugin and replacing it with var instead.

Sorry for the late reply. ^^;

This is the intended feature, this plugin dsiables itself while oin a mobile device( aka, android, and ios ), the reason being is there is no way to detect if the player is using a mouse or touch input, at least not in pure javascript, this means the mouse cursor will be on the screen EVEN if no mouse is present, and the cursor will be visible on all devices, even the ones the aren't using a mouse, and it will always be at the last position the player touches the screen.

For this to work with only a mouse, this would require a two part solution. I believe there is a way to detect peripheral devices in android studio via the one of these checks in java( not javascript ) "InputManager.InputDeviceListener" or "InputDevice.getSources" and pass this value via js interface to the game so it can be read from the game itself.

From there it's as simple as finding the line in this plugin that checks if the game is running on a mobile device, and including the value passed from Java( I've linked it below ).

This is not something I can program into my plugin directly as It requires code passed from the java side of the android app.

If you truly wish to proceed anyways, here is the code in my plugin that must be changed. Find this function in the plugin, and comment out the line that reads "if ( Utils.isMobileDevice() ) return false;" OR extend it with the value passed from the java end of your app.


  $.enableCursor = function ()

  { // enable mouse cursor.


    if ( $.enabled  ) return;

    if ( Utils.isMobileDevice() ) return false;

    $.styleParent.appendChild( $.style );

    $.enabled = true;


I will look into this issue next week for sure, apologies, i've got a few things to take care of over the weekend or I'd deal with it sooner :/

This can be added, I'll look into this maybe sometime next week ^^;

this issue should now be fixed, let me know if anything else comes up.

I can't make any promises, as I don't use any vs plugins myself, but i don't imagine this plugin conflicting with much? However again, I can't promise anything.

My apologies, I'm not entirely sure how this error came to be, but I'll fix this hopefully first thing tomorrow

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It's odd I can't replicate this issue at all, however I made a small patch to prevent this error from occuring. I hope this should resolve the issue if not I'll take another crack at it.

You're using this plugin on mz? or mv?

edit: nvm lol read your comment below, my apologies for that I tested on MZ not MV however the patch should resolve the issue regardless, if it doesn't though just let me know! :)

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Thanks for the kind words, also yes this plugin was designed to work for both mv and mz. :) As for your questions.

1. Yes you may edit/modify the cursors I've provided, and these cursors are free to use in commercial/non-commercial projects. :)

2. There should not be a limit to custom cursors, it should allow for unlimited creation of custom cursors, you just have to switch between them via plugin command.

I'll double check on #2, but there isn't supposed to be a limit on custom cursors.

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below is the plugin command description taken from the help file of the plugin ^^ i hope this helps.


  Plugin Commands :


   command :

   set_button_picture PICTURE_ID COMMON_EVENT_ID


  description : make a new button from the picture with the id of "PICTURE_ID"( replace PICTURE_ID with the id of the picture you want to turn into a button ), when the picture is clicked, the common event with the id of "COMMON_EVENT_ID" will be executed( replace "COMMON_EVENT_ID" with the id of the common event that you want to execute when picture is clicked )!


   NOTICE: This command is exclusive to rpg maker mv!!! Please use "Button Picture" plugin for rpg maker mz!