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Where do i find my save files? i wanna save them hahaha 


also. how do i get the 69 position? I am currently a submissive bottom

Do i have to clear Tocchan's route before i can access Kei & Kaede's?

How do i meet Kaede? xD

How to get best ending? :O

Anyway also, how do i meet Kaede?? He's hot hahaha

Thank you for the game! Will Fudanshi get a route in the future? He's cute and has the same birthday as i do *_*

I managed to give Chocolate to Shuu on Valentines. He's just not in his mansion, he's outside ^_^

I've actually decided to wait ^_^ but is there a way to top up to get toru beta? 

I played the demo halfway it crashed but it was a really good game! That being said i thought it was already out (Buy Now) and bought it, only to find out it's not out yet T_T . How do i get a refund (and buy it later on when it's out) ?