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This looks very, very, very good. Have you submitted to Catalog?

Amazing! Sideloading now. Last little request - maybe something on the Level select stage that says which levels have been beaten vs skipped? Perhaps a little star or something if it's been beaten properly? And then maybe something which logs overall progress (ie. 20/100 etc).

Congratulations again though, I can't stop playing Medial!

..and as I'm getting towards the end of the game, feel free to add some more puzzles too!

(Seriously though, all three of your games are great and deserve big time success on this little handheld!)

It's a real shame this hasn't been fixed yet! It's a small thing but it makes an outstanding game feel less polished than it is!

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This game is GREAT. Like, seriously, it iterates on logic puzzles like Sudoku, Picross, Minesweeper, etc, but is all its own.

I had to go through the tutorial multiple times to really understand the 'medial' hints, but once it clicked, I've loved every moment I've spent with the game.

I can echo though, like others have said, that pressing 'B' to try and go back to the main menu from the puzzle set selection screen crashes the console every single time, AND as an additional bug, if you have more than one profile, the option on the title screen to swap profiles is rendered outside of the viewable screen. Being able to delete profiles on the device would be nice too!

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Posted a little clip on TikTok and it's gained serious traction- hope it brings you a bit of support!

An absolutely astonishing thing. It feels *SO* good in the hands. Quite possibly the most feature complete version of mahjong I've ever played. 

The tweaks made in 1.1 that were showcased on Twitter were enough to make me plonk down the cash via Catalog immediately and I don't regret it one bit.

I've played at least 20 minutes a day since I bought the thing, and don't see that stopping any time soon. 

I've played this game for what, 20 hours now?

I just hit a high score of ~31,000. I have one fish left to catch, which I think is a wiggly eel type thing. One fell in my last run but I wasn't in a position to catch it!

The best score chaser on the handheld, Season, Sideload or otherwise. 



Played one round and then had an immediate hard crash - not sure what caused it! I think it popped up after I tried to return to the menu?

Just about the coolest fucking thing I've ever seen - the breakdown at the end of Crumbling Castle, lyrics on screen, a 1-bit picture of some clouds, man alive - what a band, and what a cool way of packaging it up!!

The best game on Playdate.

A genuinely astonishing bit of work.

Part visual novel, part gardening sim. You play as Midori, a university drop out who has opted to start a flower business. 

The game unfolds via text messages in semi-real time. You grow and harvest flowers, all with their own timers for seeding, watering, picking, etc, and each time you check back in to the game, snippets of conversation appear in a messaging app on your in-game phone. It's not quite real time, in that messages come through after time has passed as opposed to at set times, but with a little suspension of disbelief it still works great. 

Most effective are the way the writing handles events: texts that lead up to an off-screen event, then texts that cover what did or didn't happen at said event after the fact. It's an incredibly immersive way of framing things.  

The game deals with Midori's relationships with her partner, friends, and parents alongside her business, and there were moments of real gravity in the way these conversations were handled. The art is great, the writing is superlative, the music is a lovely set of lo-fi beats, and the structure of plant, water, chat, wait, repeat fits the little handheld incredibly well.

A beautiful thing.


After installing 1.10, I've just played the first ten stages on a fresh profile and not had a single crash. Obviously, I can't say yet if there will be any problems further down the line as levels become more complex, but you definitely seem to be targeting the right areas for optimisation!

As I said initially - this is a really great puzzle game, and exactly what I wanted this device for. Little quirky, pick up and play experiences. Addled is currently tied with Bloom for me in as the best games I've played on the machine. Both totally different, but both showcasing something of what a pocket sized machine with a 1-bit display can do.

I received a Steam Deck a week prior to the Playdate (lucky me!), and it's been such a joy jumping between the two - chalk and cheese devices really, but both handhelds that serve very specific niches. Addled is a beautiful example of something that works with the limitations and form factor of the machine - if the Steam Deck's real achievement is that it's an everything machine, it's Playdate's specificity that gets me really excited. No, it doesn't play any old game. No you can't stuff it with emulators and ROMs. But you can pick up a cerebral puzzler like Addled that you can't play anywhere else, and enjoy it whilst sat at the beach in blazing sunlight.

Super excited to play more. Thanks for being such an attentive developer! I'll let you know if I come across any other issues.

Keep up the great work!

Sadly it feels like this bug still persists in v1.9!

After update to v1.9, I'm still getting the same crashes. Level 1-8 has crashed consistently now 4 or 5 times in a row - not able to pass it at all. It's now producing this screen error too, which wasn't happening on v1.8.

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This game is *exactly* what I wanted the Playdate for, but I get a hard crash needing a full device reset every 2 or 3 stages. It's always as the game attempts to load the level complete screen - doesn't seem to be tied to a particular stage, but in clearing the first 6 or 7 levels on the first ship I've experience the same crash 3 or 4 times. A memory leak I guess?