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Cool game guys. I love this mash up. 

This game is great! Love the art style and the music. Those turrets are killer too. 

This game is so cool! Loving the art work and the music is mega funky. A really good take on the theme. I can't believe you made cutscenes too! Old Baby Man rocks.

Wow! This is so impressive. How did you make all this in so little time? 

I love Gamma Man. He rocks! Such a weird game. Feels way mad and very satisfying to put out all those fires. Good controller support too. A must play.

This game is freaky! One of the weirdest games of the Jam for sure. Definitely worth downloading. Check out the  music! Thumbs up 

This game is brilliant. Fantastic concept and really well implemented. I love the design and animation. I got myself stuck by running away from my controls that I had placed in the world and even found a cool exploit maybe, (jumping and moving a box underneath me??). Either way I had a blast. One of the best games of the jam by far. Really good interpretation of the theme. Well played buddy! 

Wow! This game is the best. I really love the mechanic. Great story too. So nicely put together. Definitely would recommend a play. I want a gold medal! 

This game is awesome! I love the mechanics and it is super intuitive. So fun! I'd love to see move levels. Oh and the music is incredible!!!