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Yes! It's now live on our profile :) 

Thank you for the kind words, we are always happy when people find our game moving. Yes, keeping the history alive is something that we strive to help with.

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Hi, we have a new historical game to share!

It's called Train to Sachsenhausen and it’s about student protests in Nazi-occupied Czehoslovakia. As of now it's available for free here on

Imagine you are 20 years old, just starting your university studies. Suddenly, history finds you in your dormitory - how do you act? Will you participate in the demonstrations? Will you manage to flee the Nazi transport headed to a concentration camp? What will you do in the face of evil? Several endings and multiple storylines await.

We'd be glad if you play and give us any feedback!

Thanks for this, happy to participate with our game about the atrocities of war. Will signal boost as much as we can!

Hi! We're thrilled our unique adventure is now on Itch as we sincerely love this platform. Would be grateful if you'd check out our historically-accurate story about WW2 aftermath, ethnic tensions and very personal, moving story. We're a small Prague-based studio and happy to hear any feedback.

Discover the secret history of your own family in a captivating story about reconciliation with the dark past.

The game is here:

Hi! Please, do not post questions here, but ask at our Discord channel!



-- on behalf of GDS Jam 2021 organizers

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Please make sure you have done this

How to submit:

  1. You can either create a game through your account and jump to step 3. or go to
  2. Click "Submit your game" > "Create Game"
  3. Fill out all fields on the form as best you can.
    • Your release status is most likely "Prototype". 
    • Please make sure you correctly assign what platform your game works on. If it is mobile tick mobile. If it only works on a certain operating system please make sure that is known.
    • Please select "disable all payments" on this form. We are happy for you to continue work on your game after the jam as long as if you re-upload it, not as part of the jam, and keep some copies of just the files of what you did at the jam.
    • The description is IMPORTANT!!!
    • Make sure the game is set to PUBLIC under the "Published" option, as you won't be able to submit to the jam otherwise!
    • You cannot edit your jam submission after the deadline, however you can edit your uploaded game and resubmit to the jam as many times as you like, up to submission close.
  4. PROOF READ YOUR SUBMISSION. Edit as needed and proceed when you are satisfied (enough ;P)
  5. Click "Save & View Page"
  6. Go back to
  7. Hit "Submit your game"
  8. Select the game you would like to submit and add a link to any supporting materials (blogs, videos etc) and submit!
  9. Congrats You have submitted!

(If you need to make changes to your submitted game before submissions close, upload the new version to your game page and then make sure you submit it to the jam again, using the steps above from step 6.)


P.S.: If you're submitting Unity WebGL version, be sure to disable the compression first!

Hi!  KooroshooGetittogether could you please send me you address where to send you the prize, e.g., by answering some email you got from the jam? Reply address should be cheers!

Rotation is twisted! I got the heart multiple times, though I don't know, sometimes I thought I'm on the right track but it devoured my soul?

Lovely entry! I enjoyed playing this a lot. Quite polished game even with intro, thanks for making this! (Bastet rulezzz...)

Hi! For me, it seems controls are broken, I couldn't click on the right power. Game is astonishingly looking! Awesome :D

Hi! If you haven't already, please join Discord channel where we channel all communication and information to: Cheers!

Hi! If you haven't already, please join Discord channel where we channel all communication and information


Hi! Please ask such questions at dedicated Discord channel: