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As A mcdonalds employee this scared me to death, even though I encountered a bug where I couldn't move in the bathroom, still a blast to play!

Wait do we have 2 months to do this?

You're a dissapointment

I loved this game! 10/10 Certified Fresh!

Thanks for Playing! Glad it was fun

Thanks for playing! That was a lot of people's first instincts in this game!

Very nice game! Found a way to counter the randomness of the player however it doesnt work all the time, the scene of vibrant colours is great in making me feel relaxed, I dont know if that was planned but you definitely succeeded!

Amazing art and music as always Spoonsweet! I loved spawning a bunch of bees on myself while I do parkour! This game is Unbeelievable!

I started off thinking this was some regular breakout game where you get abilities, and I was like ' oh thats a great idea!' Then I found a strategy and customized it all and it spiralled into madness. This was really fun, really polished and really juicy! Amazing Job!

Like Endmark said, this made me question my true skills as a programmer. Very Well Made! Miss Randy but thats alright, Coda can do for now!

I loved the base game of knockout orb, but customizing the palette and turning the game into a trampoline park was so much fun!

I love the idea of changing colour palette, the changing ball and size of boxes were cool too, pretty good job!

I had lots of fun with this, I tried to fit a whole civilisation on a tiny island lol! Great game!

I remember playing this in round 2! I remember the customizabilty, but not updates that I can see, but I see you were thinking ahead

Very Clever take! 

I chose the iPhone format specifically, thanks for playing!

Couldn't find any slime sounds and I thought it was hillarious! Thanks for Playing!

Haha! GDKO Tetris

Awesome to hear you were having fun

This was an amazing Idea for a game, but just wondering, where is the main menu? Also chat wants to know how you made the music (they think it's icoso's).

Amazing work Derpy as always!

Loving the retro feel!!! I loved getting to select your gamemode, I didn't realise that there was colour, but I'm happy I kept it on black and white! awesome job Endmark!

Did this on stream my chat just made this horrible figure 

I really love this entry! Very customizable, and getting an online system in 8 days is amazing!!!!! 5 stars for excellence!

I liked how customizable the game was! The music was very engaging and put me in a wii fit attitude. Like what game favourites said, it would be awesome someday if somebody pulled this idea off. Great Job!

This was very customizable, however there were no enemies on my screen. I also would like an indication that you are moving aswell.  I was astounded when I saw that you could customize the spaceship! Great Job!


Haha I might add this as my avatar for my next gdko video

Amazing Use of Theme Fennec, Awesome Game!


Even if you dont want it I'll 100% give credit!

Hey GameFavourites!

I know its weird to ask in an comment section, but I couldn't find any other socials beside youtube and patron.

For GDKO Round 4, I am making a GDKO Sandbox with elements of loads of peoples games in gdko. And I was wondering If I could use the yo-yo spider.

If so could you reply to this with the art please?

Thank You!


This was really funny! You've got to release that song on spotify so I can put it on my rotation! Amazing game! 5 stars from me

This had me cracking up laughing, I loved the unique take on Romeo and Juliet! No art which is good. Screw Rick!

Xanderwoods haha! This was fun to read! The sound effects added some extra pizazz for me playing it. Great Job

I liked the story very nice! Font choice excellent all though that criteria is weird, I was hooked on the story the whole time, MA15+ Tom and jerry

I agree with you and Kingjaw! I've been told a lot to add a new enemy type and shorten the letters. Thanks for playing!

not a devlog but 

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I think none of my 100000 brain cells could comprehend how advanced this entry was. Well Done! The symbolism used for A, you could've chosen B Poop or X Poop, but A is just an amazing Idea

Thanks Kingjaw, shortening letters is a great Idea!

I just forgot to shrink the textbox, thats all

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Thank You! Asteroids I think will be good slower seeing as the bottom and middle are longer to type. I think maybe spawn rates would be better than speed. seeing as some people dont need to be the fastest typers to win!