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🦍💨 thanks for playing!

thank you helper duck

Thank you for playing, I’ve been told a lot that the problem isn’t the gameplay itself but how long it is

haha yes 2 fart games, I’d love to fight it out with the other one and see who the gdko fart champion is 😂😂 thanks for playing ghostbit!

yeah sorry about that! Thanks for playing!

yeah 😅 I’ve heard this a lot! Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the feedback! I have been told a lot to make the demo length longer or add a restart button

yeah I was getting comments about restarting buttons! Thanks for playing tuba!

thanks you spacespy!

thanks for the feedback! I would love to see the stream!

that’s good to hear! Seeing as I have had comments from people saying that want more and they don’t want to reload the game!

nice mechanic and character, however, is this made from a construct template? Where is the frog?

I really enjoy the mechanic for this game, but I enjoy the magic rabbit character even more. You thought of a really creative way to make a teleporting character.

I love this demo! I enjoyed the usage of the rings for not just grappling, but for fighting and double jumping! Amazing job Ian

I love the way this is pulled off, this character is great, however I have seen this exact same stealth/invisibility mechanic pulled off in games. Other than that awesome!

Amazing job spacespy! I would love to see a wall climbing level with this!

this was awesome, very well polished and I loved how unique the ability was,. Great job!

It seems we have the same ability. But you pulled it off way different than me. I love the gas clouds shrinking out of your ‘rear end’ and I love your gassy builder type character. I love this, I don’t know what you are going to do with this, whether you shoot the enemies with your farts or jump on the clouds 

I like the game, however I do not see a unique character or ability. I get that it is the characters magnetism, but it feels like a rip off of

I love these sound effects!

There doesnt need to be a goal, its just a player, thats the requirement, thanks for the feedback

Space this is awesome!

Yeah Sure!

Very Cool! I love the sound design! The premise is great aswell

Very cool! I love the music with the underwater distortion effects and the premise is nice.

Add People? WDYM?

Absoloutely! Anything premade is fine except the game itself

Hey Diamond!

Anybody can use it, thats why its an asset pack :)

Nice little game, I actually liked the sound fx you used, and I liked the twitter idea

The game is really buggy for me. Couldnt really play

I like the music and sound design, but the controls, were a bit weird.

I've had comments about the full screen thing, will know for future reference. Thanks for playing my game!

Thank You!

Thanks! There are definitely many areas to improve.

Thank You!

Yes! Cant wait for the school Holidays!

Very Nice and the story is well thought through! Cant wait for full version


Came from the Premiere! Game looks epic!