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I'm myself a big fan of harder games and I must say this one is spot on

Levels felt near impossible, but in a good way. You know you've lost because of your skill and not because game decided to do some weird shenanigans

 I also really liked the controlls, most people don't get them right in platformes, especially in gamejams, but you did a great job at it

Only one complaint: I WANT MOAR!

an unexpected take on the theme. Great execution, though adding checkpoints to the game would've been a nice addition

Fun game, though it feels a bit too slow and I think I softlocked the game by moving into the button block.

Weird. We weren't able to test out the game on mac since we don't have any but I thought Unity got us covered here.

You can ping me on discord and we will try to sort the problem out: ChaosTheLeg#0972

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We tried to make the level feel as intuitive as possible but you can never reach perfection here. The ending was a bit rushed, maybe that's why you got confused. And it is supposed to be a dog, but whatever floats your boat.

Thanks for the review, I'll check out your game in a bit

Thanks for the comment. We've already recieved many suggestions of making shurikens damage on rewind and if project gets continued, we will try to explore this concept.

I'll try out your game, looks fun

I kinda got the same idea along with some other features we can add, but only after the end of the jam, maybe in post mortem version(if we get to making it) we'll change some stuff and add that.

Thanks for playing, glad you liked the game! 

Wall jumps have been sitting in out bug list for quite some time... In the end we just haven't found a decent solution that we can do given the time limit. If we continue the development, the movement we probably get rewritten and we will see what we can do about wall jumps and some other features. Thanks for the feedback!

Really like the concept and design. I would've used mouse button instead for a space bar for the blower, but who knows, maybe it would've been worse. Great game overall, really like it 

I was on your stream few days ago and now I find this game at random, what a coinsidence

Controlls seem a bit weird and the game itself is a bit shorter than I expected. I really liked the graphics and the concept though. Good entry overall

Sorry, but team is already full, adding more people can make everything unmanageble, thanks for replying though

Hello. Well... this might be a problem since discord is the main way of communication in our team, I will think about it

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So basically I'm an experienced Unity programmer and I'm gathering a team

I have already found a great musician and currently in search of an artist and a second programmer

You can check my prevous projects on my itch page if you want

reply here or dm me in discord: ChaosTheLeg#0972

Edit: Team is full now, thanks to everyone who replied