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The instructed would have to dance with Max to show Liz how it's done. And then fall for him and change numbers.
Or she could come back while Max is fooling around with Liz and ask if she can join, but that might feel a bit too off.

Did you talk to and visit Nia and Rebecca every time you had the chance?

Maybe the final trigger is in the dialogue before the wedding. I asked Rebecca for example, if she doesn't find it disturbing, marrying my family and having so many other wifus. And she just said they don't have a problem with that here.

As said before, I was all the way on hyper-polygamy and asked everyone if they're fine with this.

You have to fool around with everyone and be open-minded. As well as be good to every main-character.

I played through multiple times, and I was kinda shocked myself when I saw I got everyone pregnent.

Who do you mean with Goth, I think there is non in there?

First of, you should figure out how to get the whole family, because as long as you know how to do that, you just have to do the same, but fool around with everyone else as well, I got everyone except Megan.

You just need to go for love but respect them all. (You can get sub-Bella by disrespecting her, but I couldn't get her pregnant in one run, so I went for the respecting one in my last game)

If I remember it correctly, I did it with the choices 2, 2, and 3.

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I think i just got the almost perfect ending and got everyone except Megan pregnant. So, all sisters, the Mother, Adriana, Alina, Ana, Kira, Iris, Riley, Rebecca, Nia, Selina and the three from Max's past (forgot their names).
Did I miss someone?

I think there must be something wrong EP3.
When Hollis asks you to forgive him, I chose "no", yet Monroe talked something about letting Hollis "go of the hook" and "forgiving him".